2019 World Anvil Easter Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt badge
"Praise the lords. Please help yourself and those less fortunate to the buffet. I've got plenty of honey ham."
— Kirstin Chenoweth as Easter, American Gods
  Easter is here!   To celebrate, World Anvil is hosting an exciting Easter Egg hunt! We've left eggs throughout World Anvil's social media accounts, and you have to find them. Use the eggs to unlock password protected articles, find the next clue, and progress to the last article! Everyone who comments on the last article will win a shiny badge!  

The First Clue

Look where writers run in the halls of chaos.

The Unlocks

  • When you have solved clue 1, unlock . . . . Clue 2!
  • When you have solved clue 2, unlock . . . . Clue 3!
  • When you have solved clue 3, unlock . . . . Clue 4!
  • When you have solved clue 4, unlock . . . . Clue 5!
  • When you have solved clue 5, unlock . . . . Clue 6!
  • When you have solved clue 6, unlock . . . . Clue 7!
  • Watch the Saturday World Anvil stream on Twitch for the eighth password. Remember to follow for the notification at twitch.tv/worldanvil.com. The video will be available on demand after the stream.   Then solve it and . . . . unlock The Prize!   Your password should look like this █████-█████-█████-█████-█████-█████-█████-█████. The components would be entered in lowercase, in the order of the clue they match.


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    Anna Elizabeth Boyett
    20 Apr, 2019 04:36

    Y'all are cruel, but I love you XD

    20 Jun, 2019 11:43

    Tricky. I can't even get the first one.