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Eusebia Sector

Callistria 23rd, 325 AG

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The Pact Worlds have decided that they cannot survive alone. The looming threats of the Swarm and the Azlanti Star Empire as well as the tenuous state of their alliance with the Vesk have left the Council searching for resources and allies who they can rely upon. While there are many colonies throughout Near Space and the Vast, they are either too small, unreliable corporate interests, or both. Therefore, Pact Worlds colonists under protection of a detachment of Stewards have established colonies throughout the Eusebia Sector where they work together with the two native species, the snake-like Zlangen and the garrulous silicon-based humanoids known as the Kessho. It has been a bountiful first few years for these colonies but they Eusebian Alliance as they have become known is about to face it's first great test......