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Keith Roberts

Keith Roberts

The Outlaw's Jack of All Trades/Spy

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is in peak physical condition. Very fit and strong.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To say Keith grew up in a broken home would be an understatement. For the first six years of his life, he lived in fear of his mother who was mentally unstable and highly manipulative. His father showed up sometimes to grab a drink and a loud night with his mother. Keith only had one older brother who providd most of the lively necessities for him as a child. But this was divided among his four younger siblings who were constantly sick. At the age of six, Keith found that his brother gained their needs from a street gang one night when he went looking for him. He watched as his brother was gunned down for failing to deliver a package of smuggled goods. It was then that the child protective services from the Midnight Corpse took Keith and his siblings, never to see their parents again. Through foster care, Keith discovered a new hell in the profiting parents who treated the hildren like slaves. Eventually, he and his siblings were split up, lost to each other. At thirteen, he had already found himself in a bad crowd. He could do things - say things that got him stuff he and others wanted. If he got it, they liked him, and his life was easier. This eventually led him to the same gang that his brother had been a part of. He vowed to destroy it from the inside out, even if he died in the process. He planned for years. He gained their trust and did more and more jobs. As he got older, the jobs got bloodier and soon he was doing most of the dirty work. When he was seventeen, he executed his plan... and executed the gang. One by one he picked them off, framing others or setting up traps so that he wouldn't be suspected. The final blow was killing the leader - enjoying the moment he explained why he was doing it before pulling the trigger. With their leader gone, the others descended into chaos, practically killing themselves. Keith had almost single-handedly eradicated an entire gang off the street. Now with a record, he became a loner, running from the law and rejected from any group. They were too afraid of him. He became his own kind of sell-sword to people who paid him to do and forget. At 18, he was caught by the Midnight Corps and taken in as a prisoner. The Director, however, saw his skill and had him sent through therapy and then training. Keith never fit in well with teams due to his highly independant nature and anger issues. After being given a chance to start over, he genuinely wants to fit in, but finds it hard to overcome a lifetime of having so little trust in the world.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He took down an entire gang single-handedly from the inside.

Mental Trauma

He grew up in truly awful circumstances most of his life, and has a lot of trust issues because of it. He also prefers to blend in and not stand out in crowds due to his upbringing, and doesn't react well when dealing with gang violence cases.

Intellectual Characteristics

Keith is almost always acting to get where he wants. However, he has a harsh temper and if he isn't focused, he'll get himself in trouble. When he isn't putting up a charming front, he's closed off and distant, appearing cool and mysterious. He never opens up about his past, and rarely sticks around to hear about others. He doesn't work well in teams becaues of this. He actively tries not to get attached to people. Deep down he has a soft spot for kids - seeing in them the innocence he lost too early in life. He tries not to show this to people he knows to avoid appearing sensitive. Keith has no qualms when it comes to killing and is a little too eager sometimes. This makes many uneasy around him. When he's scared, annoyed, or feels the need to defend himself verbally, the sass will start. Witty quips and retors follow with much salt. He usually doesn't mean any serious insults during these times as it's usually a response to feeling cornered rather than bullying.

Morality & Philosophy

He has no qualms about killing, but does have a soft spot for children. Overall, he tries to be a good person now, but people often still believe the worst of him.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to learn how to work well with a group and try to start finally understanding people and connecting with them again, because he's quite lonely and is ready to try to take steps to help with that.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He's a highly capable spy, with the ability to teach himself many different new abilities without much trouble. He's handy with both guns and knives especially, and quite good at manipulation. However, he's often also quite easily manipulated to anger, and has extensive trust issues. He's quite bad about telling people how he's feeling in any given moment either.


Family Ties

His parents and siblings are still alive somewhere, but he's not been able to find his siblings again, despite extensive searching.
Presented Sex
Chocolate Brown, thoughtful
Light brown, shaggy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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