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In the world of Euphorium, free will is a property of matter which allows it to overcome the laws of the universe. To be more than a simple pebble, to have sentience, a will or even life itself, requires that property. Magic (unwilling or willing forceful application of free will for a purpose) is no exception, in any of the multitude of forms it takes in Euphorium. To have will is to have magic and to have magic is to have change.   Thus is defined the history of Euphorium, this expansive fantasy world covered in forests, fantastical creatures and spanning across many eras with their own stories. From the stories of the tribes surviving a world of monsters, to the wars between the generations of magic, to dealing with the changes brought by the otherwolders or pursuing the genies, Euphorium's history presents adventure and changing societies alike.   Euphorium is fantasy (medieval, urban, science and other kinds of fantasy as well, depending on the era) world originally created to host a number of my loose ideas which eventually became its own cohesive unit. Rather than a singular project, the project of its development is meant to provide information on the world as a whole, in all the complexity of its magic, history, species and societies alike.

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