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The Pleasure Ward

Walking the streets of Vollihollow, you'd never guess that it was a Ward of sin and filth. The buildings seemed to glitter in the twilight, the lamp lights flickering with perfect flames. Music poured out from every open window and door with laughter as the harmony. The noticeable clink of coins can be heard in the gambling dens and enticing smells swirled in and around every restaurant. This was the Seven Deadly Sins playground and each one had its own boulevard. If you can't find pleasure here, you'll never find it anywhere. They say that the more glorious the trinket, the more people will flock to see it.


Before the industrialization of Euphasis, Vollihollow was a rolling flower field, along with Pallmere and Aerohaben. When the time came to divvy up the country into Wards, however, every single flower was steamrolled into a crowded, filthy city that housed every sin imaginable. Pallvollihaben Harbor is accessible from the east and the south. However, at the very tip of the south end of the peninsula, you can reach both Aerohaben and Kifeford. It only takes a short twenty-minute boat ride to the east to reach the very tip of Pallmere.

Flora & Fauna

Vollihollow is very much a city, with little to no vegetation or animal life. Most plants have been converted into paste jewels or cheap plastic. Any animal is considered a stray and most likely carrying a number of diseases. No one has cataloged what used to live in Vollihollow before it became the Pleasure Ward.

Natural Resources

Most of the flowers from the field were taken to the Bolegarde Stronghold for the royal family. There were no trees and the land was definitely not suited for farming, as it was rocky and loose sediment. However, the whole Ward is sitting atop one of the greatest marble and limestone quarries in all of Euphasis. The only problem is, no one has exactly found that yet, thus while all mining is taken care of by Dubrath.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pleasure Ward, Sin City, Sin's Playground, The Ward of Cheats and Whores
Included Organizations
Damari Jazon
Characters in Location

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