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August 24th, 1864

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The nation of Euphasis has been divided ever since any of the residents could remember. Those with the money and the power live in the Upper Crest, while those without, live in the Lower Crest. Nothing has ever changed the classification between the two Crests, even though the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The Crests have been divided into Wards with specific skills attributed to them. The Upper Crest comprises of the Capital Ward (Bolegarde), the Upperclass Exchange Ward (Tattingbury), the Information Ward (Kanurvale), the Middle-Class Ward (Kifeford), and the Bay Ward (Pallmere). The Lower Crest consists of the Agriculture Ward (Aerohaben), the Mining Ward (Dubrath), the Energy Ward (Charburgh), the Jungle Ward (Tyroglen), the Slum Ward (Melstead), and the Pleasure Ward (Vollihollow). The main factor of Euphasis is the presence of mythical creatures living amongst humans. For the most part, each creature lives in their own portion of a certain Ward but occasionally you can find sylphs outside of Aerohaben and dragons making their way from Tyroglen to Charburgh.