The Inquisitors

Do not think I am a fool, dear Marlock, for I know I chose you well. No matter how much freedom is granted, there will be those who seek to harm others. This is what the Inquisitors are for. They are to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and they are to punish those who would do harm to others. Only in the most dire of circumstances are they to do take arms and go to war.
— Growe Acchus, founder of The Inquisitors

Final Head Squad Members

Previous Head Squad Members

  • Shire Reeve - Marlock Giantkin
  • Vice Captain - Philemon Cassamar III
  • Master of Arcane Arts - Cas Stormwind
  • Master of Ranged Arts - Raymond Smithson
  • Master of Martial Arts - Haluk Krokmaw


Shire Reeve > Manages the Inquisitors
Vice Captain > Shire Reeve's right hand, manages city affairs
Master of Arcane Arts > Trains the elite anti-spellcasters, also known as "suppressors"
Master of Ranged Arts > Trains the fighters who use ranged tactics
Master of Martial Arts > Trains the fighters who fight in melee range


After the supposed death of Ragnis Anflame, the Inquisitors were commanded to disband. The remainder of the Head Squad departed south towards Edhell, to found their own organization.

Government, Law Enforcement
Formation Type
The Legion
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
The Capital Province


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