I have a firm belief that there is no such thing as excessive violations of personal freedoms, so long as they're not my own.
— Balse Acchus
Ezreich is one of the most well known cities throughout the land. This city is generally referred to as Ezreich, though some simply call it "The Capital". It is oft regarded as the "home of magic" due to the monumental emphasis on all things magic inside the city. It is both feared and admired by many, though despite all its wonder it seems every aspect of the city is under the most strict of control. To even gain entry, one must be held subject to numerous searches, and then registered with a special identification card as to what they are and aren't allowed to do inside the city limits. Aside from the heavy number of laws concerning control, the capital city is best known for both its military might and the University.


The city is built upon multiple hills, with the keep towering over the rest of the city. To the east of the city runs a great river, allowing for plentiful freshwater access.

Natural Resources

  • A steady shipment of various ore from Rinas.
  • A nearly endless supply of wheat and various meats from Ashborne
  • Vast forests providing plenty of lumber for large building projects
  • A gargantuan stone quarry deep in the mountains to the north

Alternative Name(s)
The Capital City
Owning Organization
House Acchus
Characters in Location

The University

The capital city houses the University of Magic, an establishment dedicated to the god Ioun, which teaches all forms of magic*. In the higher levels of the University, professors dedicate their lives to the inventing of spells, much like the great Circle of Eight once did. When the Inquisitors were at large, they looked to the University to recruit their Suppressors, and once inducted were trained in their arts. After the disbandment of the Inquisitors, however, this practice was halted. Magic users from all over seek out the University, as it has produced some of the most well regarded Sorcerers and Wizards the land has ever seen.

Martial District

The city is also home to a very large military encampment, regarded by some as "The Pride of Ezreich". This is where soldiers undergo brutal training before being allowed to join the Legion. In addition to the city watch, there is always a large detachment of Legionnaires stationed in the capital, even in peacetime. The military was not always so organized, prior to the Great War it was largely deemed unnecessary. During the war, Marlock Giantkin had suggested an entirely new military tactic to Growe Acchus, and thus were the first members of the Legion. Individuals from the Legion were known as Legionnaires, and were greatly respected even after retirement. The Legion had many professions within in which men could apply for. Women were not allowed in the Legion for quite some time, the most they were allowed to do from a military standpoint is function as healers, from the backlines. Wounded men in battle would be carried to the back to be healed, if their wounds were too great or difficult for the chaplain to heal quickly.

The Death and Funeral of Ragnis Anflame

Members of the Head Inquisitor squad had gone to investigate a cave that supposedly held a dragon within. Included in this investigation were Inquisitors Ragnis Anflame and Azuris Rane, along with some privately contracted individuals. On the return journey, Azuris returned with but the corpse of the highly renowned Shire Reeve, Ragnis. It was a tough blow for everyone to take in, especially for the squad Ragnis was a part of. A large funeral was to be held, so that all the land may mourn. Men and women came from as far as Ozgard to pay their respects, as they watched the pyre burn for Ragnis. Many onlookers said the flame almost seemed to take on a sort of humanoid shape, reminiscent of their now lost sheriff, though nothing substantial has been recorded of this. The city mourned for weeks, and many swear a certain sort of darkness descended upon the earth after that day.

The Disbandment of the Inquisitors

A new Shire Reeve was appointed, though the man was largely unknown throughout the Inquisitors. The man was known only as Iunius, though it is whispered he had the nickname "coldhand" in reference to his prosthetic iron fist. Not long after the funeral procession, Iunius announced that Balse Acchus had a new decree to be implemented. The faction known as the Inquisitors was to be disbanded, and there was no plan to replace them. All of their previous responsibilities would be delegated among the City Watch, the Legion, and the Ministry of Magical Affairs. Furthermore, the only issues that would be investigated by these three would be within the city limits of Ezreich, and that all other cities and provinces were required to "fend for themselves". Ezreich would also no longer send watchmen to the various towns and cities throughout the realm, in an effort to better protect the city. The men and women of Ezreich were outraged.

The Night of the Crimson Street

Upon hearing news of the disbandment of the inquisitors, a great riot began, the likes of which the city has never before seen. It began as protests at first, until the first case of an assault. A member of the city watch had been viciously attacked, and then it spread like wildfire. People were arming themselves with anything they could, setting fire to anything they could. The once bustling streets of Ezreich turned into a war zone. The ex-inquisitor head squad chose to depart the city, though they had a hard time trying to navigate through the dangerous and violent streets. As they rode out, Azuris spotted a young woman in trouble. The young girl had silver hair, and she appeared to be trying to assist her father. Her father had been assaulted by a member of the Legion, who had arrived to "quell the riot". The man had attempted to fight back, but the struggle was quickly ended with a single thrust of the Legionnaire's spear. The young woman screamed, and the Legionnaire was assaulted by three magic missiles. The missiles all hit their mark, the third delivering a fatal blow. Azuris was stunned, but he knew this woman could not remain in the town. He spurred his mount toward her, and as he raced by he hoisted her upon his horse and they departed the city with the others.
Within the city, it was pure madness. The Legionnaires arrived in full force, bearing their tower shields and spears. At first they merely attempted to block rioting citizens, but they were then authorized by Iunius to use deadly force, which they did not withhold. The riot was ended, and both dead and wounded littered the streets of Ezreich. Blood seemed to flow like a river atop the flagstones, and for the first time in centuries, the city fell silent.


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