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Eumaea is a world comprised of multiple continents of diverse peoples, grand cities, dangerous wilderness, and hidden magic. While most of its inhabitants may never see magic, it is there for those who look for it.



The continent of Draydar was once ruled by the mighty Altiris Covenant, a noble nation of mighty magic and unimaginable technology. However, over time the nation collapsed, and its people fled to the ends of the continent, forming the modern-day nations of the The Vesperin Empire and the The Kingdom of Guardia. The two nations have been at war off and on for nearly their entire history, vying for territory as well as possession of hidden artifacts from the days of the Altiris Covenant. Beneath the surface, however, other factions are making their moves. A new religious movement known as the Church of Azagog is slowly rising in popularity in urban centers from coast to coast, promising an everlasting union with a merciful deity named Azagog. But even as they preach unity and acceptance, their acolytes hide their faces with black cloaks and white masks, holding clandestine rituals for unknown purpose.   Furthermore, a disease is plaguing the people of Draydar: The Blight. This fatal illness is characterized by black discolored spots on the skin, fatigue, and a hacking cough. While it does not appear to be extremely contagious, where there is one victim, many more are sure to follow.


The nation of The Raiji Shogunate is an ancient land of tradition, mysticism, discipline, and vast natural beauty. Up until a few decades ago, Raiji was ruled by its emperor, however when one of the emperor's shoguns, Nobunaga Orochi, assassinated the emperor, the nation fell into a chaotic civil war, with each shogun attempting to amass power and unite the country once more under his own rule.


The Blight

This fatal illness is characterized by black discolored spots on the skin, fatigue, and a hacking cough. While it does not appear to be extremely contagious, where there is one victim, many more are sure to follow. Many cities are doing their best to quarantine the issue, such as disallowing infected individuals from entering to imprisoning them until the disease runs its course. So far there have been no survivors, but the progress of the disease depends on the individual, with some lasting years before succumbing, while others perish within a week. The disease appears to be resistant to magical attempts to cure it.

Black Blood

A strange corruption of the blood possessed by blackened, deformed creatures. Some are undead, but many are twisted shells of their former selves that are driven by an insatiable bloodlust from an unknown source. The blood itself is extremely viscous and highly corrosive. Physical contact is not recommended.


Purity is an abstract concept that refers to a certain innate quality that various individuals across Eumaea possess. While long ago thought to be an indicator of moral purity, it actually represents an innate disposition towards greatness as bestowed by the gods, and can be thought of more as purity of conviction. Purity is fickle, and can be acquired or lost by individuals at any time. Some may carry it their entire lives, some may never have it, while others may have it for brief moments. The presence of Purity is nigh-undetectable, so while it is rare to possess this quality, it is even rarer to be aware that one possesses it. All Player Characters possess Purity while a Player is controlling them, and this allows them to use Hero Points. If at any point a PC becomes an NPC, they lose their Purity until such time as a Player can actively control them again.   While Purity has little in the way of direct effects, it predisposes its possessors towards extraordinary deeds, be they good, evil, or otherwise. Because of this, most of the big names throughout history have possessed Purity. Furthermore, those touched by Purity are subconsciously drawn to one another, leading equally to violent clashes and powerful alliances.

The Ninefold

The Ninefold are the nine major deities that represent the nine moral alignments. Their worship and presence are commonplace in Eumaea, particularly Querina and Aldir. Which deity might your character worship?  


Magic is rare in Eumaea compared to other fantasy settings. Your average farmer may go their entire lives without seeing magic, though the arcane and divine teachings exist to be found by those who seek them. Within major cities, use of magic may be frowned upon or outright disallowed. Magic items are subsequently rare, and unconventional sources may be sought in order to procure them.


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The Era of Black Blood

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The Blight is sweeping across Draydar, and the Church of Azagog seems to be up to no good.