The Starlight Guild

"Them's Starlight Guild sailors be fearless. They sail straight into swells and walls of death. An' they laugh all the while!"
- Kem Heral, Gnomish Sailor
  The premier and foremost sailor’s guild on the waves, the Starlight Guild is renowned not just for its impeccable navigation, but for its ability to weather the fiercest of storms on their way.


The guild is composed of several merchant fleets that banded together to dominate the shipping industry. They now have a near-total monopoly on the seas, and it is run with the brutal efficiency of well-learned businessmen and hired muscle.

Starlight Hierarchy

The guild is firstly a business and has two hierarchies within it; the corporate side and the labour side.   Corporate is where the owners of the merchant fleets, business associates, and other such individuals are concentrated and conduct their dealings with one another. These individuals are stratified into various ranks based on their influence, financial power, and actual assets that are of use to the guild. The corporate side receives a large cut of the profits made by the ships in the guild, in exchange for the right to be a part of their well-negotiated contracts and insider deals...   The Labour side of the organization consists of the actual men at sail. This includes the crews and captains of many vessels, the longshoremen, administrators, harbour masters and inspectors under the guilds employ. These employees receive modest earnings but are given several benefits, including injuries insurance and a small pension. The crew is also not expected to conduct dockside tasks, unlike the crews of most independent vessels, as the guild employs longshoremen to conduct said tasks.


Although the guild is a shipping conglomerate, the fleets and their members act more akin to a family than coworkers. The ships and their crews are close, usually from being together for years at sea.

Public Agenda

Simply to dominate the shipping industry and be the fastest on the waves.


The guild owns several hundred vessels, dozens of harbours, scores of warehouses, crew and longshoremen barracks, and ample funds to conduct maintenance and training.

Koko-O Ke Kia or "Blood of the Sea"

Founding Date
Eris 30th, 892 AR
Guild, Privateers
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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