The Slayer's Guild

"The guild is full of skilled problem solvers. Missing person? Place a quest requesting a PI. Protective detail? Place a quest requesting bodyguards. Need some demolition for a reno? Hire a berserker."
- Finch Goldskye, Elven Sword-singer and Guild Member

This guild is also affectionately called the “Adventurers League”. It is a body of freelance investigators, bodyguards, monster hunters, and other tradesmen of similar skills, who take up tasks presented to the guild.


Most governments that allow the guild to exist within there borders have edicts in place to allow the guild to monopolize the questing, delving, PI, – etc, etc – industry. There are several reasons for this:  
  • It allows easier taxation of adventurers;
  • It allows for more transparent contracts to be established. This makes disputes easier to resolve in the courts;
  • It makes it easier to control the activities of dangerous free-lancers.


All guild members are assigned a ranking based on their skills, equipment, and successful quests. This system both allows senior adventurers certain benefits and helps prevent rookies from getting themselves killed too often. As previously mentioned, quests are assigned a rank by the guild’s admin staff, and they can only be taken up by adventurers of that rank, or higher.   There are several requirements to be ranked up: a number of successfully completed quests (q), endorsements (e) from individuals of higher rank, and an admin fee. The ranks are as follows (from highest to lowest):
Rank Prerequisites Benefits Annual Fee
Mithril 150 q
1 e
1pp admin fee
  • Access to all guild facilities.
  • Free room/board in all guild halls.
  • Travel expenses covered when on quests.
  • Equipment & injury insurance.
300 gp.
Platinum 100 q
3 e
500 gp admin fee
  • Access to all guild facilities.
  • Free room/board in all guild halls.
  • Travel expense subsidies when on quests.
  • Equipment & injury insurance.
150 gp.
Gold 75 q
5 e
150 gp admin fee
  • Access to training hall, warehouses & vaults.
  • Discounted room/board in all guild halls.
  • Equipment & injury insurance.
125 gp.
Silver 50 q
3 e
100 gp admin fee
  • Access to training hall & warehouses.
  • Equipment & injury insurance.
100 gp.
Steel 25 q
2 e
50 gp admin fee
  • Access to training hall
  • Injury insurance.
100 gp.
Bronze 5 q
1 e
30 gp admin fee
  • Access to training hall.
  • Injury insurance.
50 gp.
Copper 20 gp admin fee
  • N/A
30 gp.
Note: that it is rare to see members of the gold rank, and up, in the field


The members run the gambit on personalities and morality. Most still tend to be rowdy, and avid party animals. In general, these individuals are good natured and will help people in need; for a price, that is.

Public Agenda

The outward image of the guild represents the organizations aims well. It helps people make contracts with free-swords much easier and less dangerous than less organized agreements would be.

Placing a Quest

When an individual wants to lodge a quest with the guild, they discuss it with the admin staff in reception. It is these staff that establish the appropriate level assignment and minimum award needed to post the quest to the guild.   After the quest is posted, an adventurer will take up the quest by taking the notice, and informing the admin staff that they intend to take on the quest.   If an adventurer doesn't complete it within an acceptable time frame (this is arbitrated between the customer and admin staff), another will be allowed to attempt it. If the adventurer completes it, they must make a report to the admin staff and then they will be given their reward.


There are guild halls in most major cities. On Eukrosh, the Adventurer's League has halls in Enthyme, Ildsted, Charo-Ruda, Patuljak, Srebro, Chêne de Fer, and Megáli Thyra. These halls have discounted rooms for members to stay in, supply warehouses and other adventuring amenities. However, it has stations in most towns.

Valor & Integrity

Founding Date
Pelons 7th, 507 AR
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
The Adventurer's League


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