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Patron of those who create

Vigo, Lord of Art has long been a cultural icon in Evantian. Depicted as an older elven man, yet with some facial hair, in fancy clothing with a paint brush in hand. Musicians, painters, sculptors and more all express much reverence for him, as he is the Lord from whom their trade stems. The most famous of his gifts are creativity, and beauty.
Victoria Posdam, The Eight Lords of Arterium, Gozz Public Press, Gozz, 1700

Divine Domains

Art - The realm of the creative spark, and of abstract.

Holy Books & Codes

Book of Arterium - Along with the other Lords.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Paint brush, marble, canvas.

Tenets of Faith

To seek to express.

To find all beauty in any form in the world.

To explore the mind of humanity.



Divine Goals & Aspirations

To spark the creative minds of humanity, to see the beauty that is seen in all artistic practise. All through his gifts to the world.
Divine Classification
Lord (God)
Dark blue, glazzed
Short, grey, unkempt
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fairly white

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