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Patron of those who seek wealth

Lord of Commerce

Adamidas, Lord of Commerce. Adamidas has long been depicted as a mix of a banker, philosopher, and an academic, an older man with a white wig and a writing tool in his hand. As Lord of Commerce, Adamidas is closely associated to those who work in the world of trade or finance. The most famous gifts from Adamidas are maths and ambition.
Victoria Posdam, The Eight Lords of Arterium, Gozz Public Press, Gozz, 1700

Divine Domains

Commerce - The realm of profit, money and everything related to management of the world.

Holy Books & Codes

Book of Arterium - Along with the other Lords.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Coins, gold, scales.

Tenets of Faith

  • To seek wealth and fortune.
  • To help others seek wealth and fortune.
  • To make the most of the world as it is.


Day of Deals

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To guide humanity to it's most effective and prosperous state, through economies, money, trade and effective management.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Adamidas is often seen as a late middle-aged human, healthy but not particularly well built.

Body Features

Very white skin, bald, slightly round body shape

Facial Features

Round face, clean shaven, slightly hooks round nose, large forehead

Physical quirks

Hunched over, right-handed, stern walk, very still hands

Apparel & Accessories

Black and blue coats, buttoned up, down to the knees, simple shirt and pants under this with similar colours. Formal shoes with knee high socks

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical, Diligent, Scholarly, Rational

Morality & Philosophy

To work for one's self interest, one should help others


Social Aptitude

Confident, refined speaker, speaks with an air of authority.


Even without the tools and materials in hand, Adamidas is often


Speech is very smug a lot of the time, tends to use comparisons and examples to get a point across. This makes his speech appear both insulting and long winded, even if he is on topic consistantly.
Divine Classification
Lord (God)
Green, curious eyes
Bald but commonly seen with a white wig

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