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Although some still remember what the world was like before the birth of Æther, a feat that would have been impossible before the Æther itself, most don't bother with a past filled with just humans farming.   The Æther a cataclysm that caused uncontrollable magic to seep from the earth itself in large swathes of the small land available. This magic changes all that is touches in wild and random ways. When the Vents opened they grew so fast most people in them didn't even know what was happening when they're arms became fins or they're blood became stone. the world was thrown in to a dark age. People at this time thought the Æther a curse that now plagued the world.   As the Human tried to rebuild they found new dangers in the forests and the fields, new creatures, monsters, and plants were coming out of the Vents. Life was hard and unforgiving to a time. We had never faced such monsters, travel became scarce and what ever was left of the old empires fell into many smaller kingdoms and free states most only the size of a single city. But like most things, with these new dangers came new wonders.   Humanity soon found out it was no longer the only people of this land. These new peoples emerged from the Vents with things people had never seen before. Some seemed to posses a true command of magic, while others had mastery of these new beasts and so much more. Some peoples would embrace all things new and change that much more for it and some would refuse to acknowledge that anything good could come from the Vents, a thing of so much death and destruction, and could only see more monsters.   With these new peoples, cultures, magics, materials, creatures, and even foods born from Æther, truly a new era has begun for this land, one of invention and innovation, one of magic and new possibilities.

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