King's Rock High Courthouse

Where justice is served

You have to have really messed up to end up tried at the High Courthouse. Most people that go in there end up sentenced to death.
— A citizen of King's Rock
The High Courthouse in King's Rock is a large, old building in the centre of the city. The courthouse was constructed in two parts. The oldest section of the building, where the law courts are located, was built over eight hundred years ago in 4498 EA. The newer section, where the lawmakers have their offices, was added in 5000 EA.   The two courtrooms used to be used to judge all criminals, but as the city grew and more courthouses were added, the high courthouse became reserved for only the most serious of crimes - murder and treason. Unlike in other countries in Caia, Seruic courtrooms are closed to the general public, which has drawn criticism in some controversial cases.   Below the court rooms is a long tunnel that leads to the cells where the condemned are kept prior to their execution. Workers at the courthouse have claimed to hear screams coming from the tunnel at night, even when there are no criminals in residence.
The lawmakers offices are the only ones that exist in Serukis. They work closely with the King and the other High Lords to create new laws and to rework older ones.

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