The fractured continent

Map of the continent of Caia (WIP).


  Achia is a large island nation to the north of Caia. Its tundra and wild, boreal forests are covered in snow and ice for at least six months of every year, when darkness settles easier on the land. Where the forests end, sparse plains give no protection from the biting wind.   The humans who make Achia their home are a hardy people, used to long winters and fleeting summer. Those that inhabit the plains do so alongside their herds of reindeer. The rest shelter in the thick forests, their doors shut against the monsters of myths and legends.   Akerra is full of wide, flat plains and ancient forests. It is a temperate country in the south of Caia that tends towards hotter summers and dry autumns. Wildfires are common on the plains, though they rarely touch the forests. It is said that the forests are protected by supernatural guardians.   Whilst most of the people of Akerra tend to live in its sprawling cities, nomadic tribes breed and herd what are considered the best horses in Caia. In the forests, clans of shapeshifters live in isolation; only a few clans have contact with the humans of their country.  

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Bazuur is the only country in Caia to cross the The Equator, and is therefore at the mercy of some of the hottest temperatures on the continent. It does not get a proper winter - instead, it divides its seasons into the dry season and the wet season. In the dry season, little to no rain falls for months. In the wet season, hardly a day goes by without a downpour. It is a mostly flat country, criss-crossed by rivers that flood in the wet season and all but vanish in the dry season.   Bazuur is famous for its colourful walled cities and the gemstones that seem to spill from the earth. Despite the safety of the cities, many of Bazuur's people prefer a nomadic life.   Caillah is a temperate, wet country in the north of Caia that is mostly comprised of forests and rolling moorland. Surrounded on three sides by the ocean and on one side by a large river border, it is a rather isolationist country that prefers to keep to itself.   Along with Serukis, it is the native home of the Koushan Mai, who have been pushed to the margins by the Caillan people. Whilst the Koushan Mai wander, the Caillan people have settled in villages, towns and cities across the country. The nobles of the country spend most of their time in elaborate political machinations with each other, which they call the Dance.   An island nation to the south of Erias, Daren is temperate, though prone to bitter winters. The country is mainly grassy hills and dense forest. The island itself is surrounded by a large wall, the construction of which is a mystery, with four gates that have remained stubbornly locked for millennia.   Darenites have no contact with other countries, mostly because they are not sure they exist. After an invasion attempt was thwarted by a magical barrier, other countries tend to leave Daren well enough alone.   Erias is a large island to the north of Caia, bigger than many of the other countries across the continent. In the north of the country, ice and snow cover the ground for six months of the year, whilst in the south the climate is warmer. Erias is covered in forests both boreal and temperate.   The people of Erias are tough and rugged, with many communities making homes along the coastline. They generally have a talent for and a curiosity of seafaring. They have many myths and legends about the forests, and only a few select groups choose to live within their shadows.   Eshua is a hilly, rocky, forested country in the northwest of Caia. Though it does not border The Teeth, the mountains channel weather that leaves Eshua a damp place most of the year round. In the winter, the snow is thick and unrelenting.   The people of Eshua rely mostly on agriculture to make a living. They herd sheep and goats, who are well-adapted to the rocky terrain, and make the most of the bounties of their forests. They enjoy trade with many other countries in Caia, as they are a steady source of raw materials for textiles.   Esteos is a small island nation in the southeast of Caia. Whilst summers are hot and humid, winters on the island can still bear snow because of the cold currents travelling south from the Northern Ocean. Esteos is mostly covered in ancient, wild forest.   Small settlements of humans gather on the coastlines, particularly in the west. The forests are home to clans of shapeshifters, who do not share the same fears of the deep forest that their human countrymen do.   A small island in north Caia, Eusakai is a cold, seemingly desolate place. It is a country of mostly tundra, rocks, and scrubby, sparse woodland. However, Eusakai is an important breeding ground for several species of bird, and life is more abundant there than one might think.   Eusakai has a relatively small population of human inhabitants. They are in-tune with their environment, and base most of their year around the comings and goings of different birds. They tend to be unwelcoming of outsiders, however, because they believe it could upset the delicate balance.   Ilwyrika is the largest country in Caia. It is a landmass to the north, separate from the rest of the continent, and covered in an almost permenant layer of snow and ice. The southern parts of the country thaw for just a few months every year. Ilwyrika is mostly tundra, but there are also several large boreal forests to the south. Also to the south is the Ikeota moutain range.   There are two distinct peoples on Ilwyrika. Southern Ilwyrikans cluster along the coastline in towns and villages, or in the capital city to the far south. They are fishers and whalers, and those near the Ikeota mountains mine. Northern Ilwyrikans are tribal and nomadic, covered in shimmering blue tattoos that their shamans create whilst under the influence of hallucinogenic smoke. They herd great beasts across the country.   Kaien is a temperate country to the south of The Teeth. It is covered in both evergreen and deciduous forests, and large swathes of arable land. Kaienese cities are some of the largest in Caia, and they are home to the arcana, universities for the study of magic.   Kaienese people believe that they are the centre of culture in Etrea, and often look down on foreigners. Art, literature, and music are of great importance there. In rural Kaien, people are a bit more down to earth.   Penra is a small island with broadleaf woodlands and arable land, as well as rocky, cliff-filled coastlines. It has quite a mild climate, though it does suffer from high winds.   People who live on Penra rely on fishing and agriculture - especially herding sheep - to survive.   Serukis is a large country to the north of The Teeth. It has a large variety of evergreen and deciduous forests, as well as rolling hills and a large flat grassland.   Along with Caillah, it is the native home of the Koushan Mai, who are now in the minority. The Seruic people live in villages, towns and cities, whilst the Koushan Mai are mainly nomadic.   The Broken Isles are part of the mountain range that stretches across Caia, though the majority of their height is underwater. They are mostly rock, with not much plant or animal life. However, several of the islands have small human settlements.   The Cluster is a group of islands in the north of Caia. In terms of climate, they enjoy mild summers but suffer with harsh winters. Most of Caia sees these islands as a group, but the inhabitants disagree. Though they generally interact with the wider world through representatives from the largest island, each island has its own identity and culture.   Vale is an island nation in the northern half of Caia. It is covered in wild, ancient forest, which is home to many myths and legends. To outsiders, the island of Vale is haunted and best avoided.   People who live on Vale tend to keep to themselves, with little trade between them and other countries.   Yarei is an island to the extreme north of Caia. It is almost permanently covered in ice and snow, with only small patches of boreal forest.   Though the people who live on Yarei are few, they are fiercely proud of their country. As there is precious little fertile land, people make their living herding the elk that also call the island home.  

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Zenra is a large country to the south of Caia. The northern half of the Zenra is covered in large grasslands, whilst the south is hot and humid, covered in lush jungles. The plains are littered with giant statues that depict the gods.   The people who live on the plains are largely agricultural, relying on complex irrigation systems during times when the weather is hot.
This article is a massive work in progress, subject to changes as I work more on the countries it contains.


  Caia is a large continent in the north of Etrea, made up of several distinct landmasses. Whilst the continent is mostly temperate, the extreme north is often frozen and the extreme south is hot and dry where it crosses the equator.   A large mountain range splits Caia down the middle, crossing two landmasses and forming a line of islands in the sea. The northern part of this mountain range is known as Ikeota, the island chain is known as The Broken Isles, and the southern part of the mountain range is known as The Teeth. No one on Etrea recognises these mountains as a single entity, but geographically they are.   Caia is home to a wide variety of peoples, cultures, and species, including the majority of Etrea's dragon population.

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