Neem's Dryad Births

Neem in Cocophymal is highly populated by dryads; Neem Dryads to be exact. Neem Dryads have a special birth ceremony a highly anticipated event as it has become a rare event to give birth to a dryad. On average Neem Dryads give birth to five dryads per calendar year and each upcoming birth are accompanied by a two-week-long celebration. These celebrations involve planting a new tree species which becomes the name of the new child dryad. There are multiple different trees that are ready to be cultivated throughout the year and it is said that the unborn seedling determines which new tree species is planted.   The town floor is blanketed in flowers and other plants showcasing the residents hard work and personality welcoming the new seedling into the world. The air is mixed with floating petals and bubbles.

The Birth

A pregnant dryad gives birth in one of the thirteen birthing trees near the center of town. Normally a pregnant dryad would give birth in the tree that represents the current season (as shown to the right), but there has been one time at the beginning of the establishment of Neem when a pregnant dryad had a strong urge to move to a different tree.
During the birth of a new dryad a magical dome cloaks the tree during the transition from the dryad and the seedling into the tree. Everyone is respectful and quiet during this transition and all adventures are barred from entering the area around the birthing tree.

Seasons of Trees

22 of Deepwinter to the 18 of The Claw of Winter is a Rowan tree
18 of The Claw of Winter to the 17 The Claw of Sunsets is an Ash tree
18 The Claw of Sunsets to the 14 of The Claw of Storms is Alder tree
15 of The Claw of Storms to the 12 The Melting is a Willow tree
13 of The Melting to the 9 of The Time of Flowers is a Hawthorn tree
10 of The Time of Flowers to the 7 of Summertide is an Oak tree
8 of Summertide to the 4 of Highsun is a Holly tree
5 of Highsun to the 1 of The Fading is a Hazel tree
2 of The Fading to the 29 of The Fading is the Vine
30 of The Fading to the 27 of Leaffal is the Ivy
28 of Leaffal to the 24 of The Rotting is the Reed
25 of The Rotting to the 23 of The Drawing Down is the Elder tree
24 of The Drawing Down to the 21 of The Claw of Winter is the Birch tree

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