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Yamamoto Defense Industries

The Yamamoto Defense Industries Logo, a hummingbird as seen from the top, with wings and beak shaped in the form of a "Y" atop a salmon circle.

Yamamoto Defense Industries is a conglomerate industry that revolves around weapons and armor manufacturing as well as the subsidary industries requires to sustain them. Their products are under contract to the Syndicate military with additional sales to the civilian markets.

They are headquartered on the frontline planet of Jōminato, which is under constant pressure to supply troops and equipment forward to hold of the ValuSelu Pact from advancing. Yamamoto Defense has made a constant profit off of the conflict, and uses the battleground as a way to test out its latest designs and prototypes.

The current owner of the company is Jun Tran Yamamoto, a monolith in armoring. His son, the young Korgin Yamamoto is slated to inherit the company though with the rumors surfacing around the company, that line of inheritence might be changing to the young Agatha Yamamoto.

Flexible protection and offensive capability; no drawbacks, no exceptions — Yamamoto Armor.

— Company Slogan


Yamamoto's primary company colors are salmon, teal, and black. Most Yamamoto armors come default with black and teal plates with salmon highlights and livery.

The Logo for Yamamoto armor is the company hummingbird motif over a salmon circle printed on the shoulder plates.

Innovation Backed by Experience

Yamamoto Defense Industries started as a satellite company working under contract for Willow Corp. before the Lacuna. Then known as the Willow Corp Armor Research Divison, or W.C.A.R.D to start. The division was headed by Yamamoto family, a Monolith-headed family who had multiple generations of engineering and smithing expertise.

In the time underneath Willow Corp, the company boasted the nick name "Wild Card" as it's armor innovations helped maintain Syndicate competitiveness in the field against the ValuSelu Pact. They were at the forefront of providing new technologies and designs that helped keep the element of surprise for their soldiers, a must against the war-machine of the Pact.

When the Melancholic Lacuna seperated WCARD from the rest of Willow Corp, the company switched its production lines and research to sustaining the their world through the Lacuna. As WCARD were one of the few fully equipped manufacturers in ths system, they gained a near monopolistic status over their system. They rebranded themselves to Yamamoto Defense Industries, and provided everything from vehicles to mining and farming equipment.

When the Lacuna ended, Willow Corp immediately attempted to re-integrate Yamamoto Defense, but the company refused and counter offered their services as an independent rather than letting Willow Corp reassume control. Public support for independence became a planet wide protest, and Willow eventually relinquished it's merger attempt, letting Yamamoto maintain its independence as a corporation.

There was a single stipulation, which required the company to revert its production to defense and innovation in warfare. As the Pact was now once more at their doorstep, Yamamoto Defense agreed and converted its production with earnest.

Our family name has always been associated with the well-being of our planet, of our people. Now, it is a bastion for all of the Syndicate.

With our innovation as our tools, we hone our blades and temper our protection.

Jun Tran Yamamoto

Legacy Members

All of the Yamamoto Line are GearHearts

Jun Tran Yamamoto

Current CEO of Yamamoto Defense. Has been in his post for just over fifty years. A Monolith of Armorsmithing. He is the latest in the line of the Yamamoto Dynasty to guide the Company.

Korgin Yamamoto

The middle child of Jun Tran. Korgin is slated to inherit the role of CEO. Has not reached Monolithic status yet, but has served Yamamoto Defense since he was just fifteen.

Kelvin Yamamoto

The eldest child of Jun Tran. Kelvin went exploring in Pact territory and never returned, he is presumed dead. He was the original heir of the company.

Agatha Yamamoto

The youngest child. Agatha is an expert deal-maker and negotiator even at her young age.

Notable Productions

A Marketing Poster for the Gusuku Power Armor.

The chest piece of the Oni Storm armor with company logo on the chest.

Gusuku Power Armor

Gusuku Power Armor is Yamamoto Defense's flagship heavy armor. With thick but light-weight plating and many upgrade nodes, this armor has proven itself countless times in combat, squaring up well against Pact heavy troopers.

It's normal armament is a pair of twin 20mm armor piercing cannons and a heavy energy blade that can slice through steel.

Oni Storm Armor

The Oni Storm armor is a lightweight set up armor designed for those who need mobility. They are designed to be use for reconnaissance and clandestine operations. There are many upgrades that can be purchased for the armor, such as proprietary 'Hummingbird' orga-drones and active camouflage.

Most Yamamoto family members have their own personalized set of Oni Storm armor, and are expected to maintain and improve their own protection.

Company Rumors

As with any corporation, there are always rumors spreading both on the trading floor and at the water cooler. With Yamamoto Defense Industries working in military research, rumors are plentiful and often insidious.

Sophontic Research

There are speculations and concerns about Yamamoto using sophontic prisoners to test and develop it's latest technologies. While not illegal technically in the Syndicate, Sophontic-utilizing research is highly regulated, and many advocates claim Yamamoto might be getting away with significant wrongdoing due to it's ability to keep the Pact from advancing on Syndicate territory.

Many of the complaints revolve around the Orgatech Development and Applications Divison, a seldom mentioned team beneath the Research and Development business group.

Weapons of Planetary Threat

There has been leaks suggesting that Yamamoto Defense Industries might be working on weaponry capable of rendering a planet uninhabitable. While there are plenty of companies and entities seeking to do the same in any Banner, there are plenty of people who abhor Planetary weapons.

While Yamamoto does not publicly mention the development of its large scale weapons, both the Company and the Syndicate have not been able to deny their existence and development.

Family Turmoil

There is recent news that the current slated Heir, Korgin Yamamoto, has gone missing after having a disagreement with the company. When asked about it in the company quarterly earnings call, Jun Tran explained that Korgin had taken an short-notice sabbatical and is using the time to explore and learn the universe.

Many also note that Agatha has been adopting a more outwards facing role in the company, stoking rumors that there may be a shake up in the Yamamoto family dynamic.

War Profiteering

Yamamoto Defense Industry has come under fire by many Syndicate political entities for benefiting from exacerbating conflict with the Pact. While much of the ire can be marked down as anti-war sentiments, Yamamoto is the primary military supply of the northern sector of Syndicate space which has been locked in a border war for generations.

The Yamamoto Dynasty has also used a significant portion of its resources to promote anti-Pact propaganda. Some in the Syndicate believe that Yamamoto Industries instigates the border skirmishes with the Pact to enlarge its business, even if that means using unethical methods to bait wars.


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