Like their names suggest, the Undaunted are fearless. They are often found at the forefront or epicenter of danger and adventure.   A third generation Human, the Undaunted are the descendants of a colony of The Jupiter Syndicate stranded by the Melancholic Lacuna. The Undaunted are engineered as much to advance Humankind as to survive the ravages of their home system, Distra. After their creation, they proved to have a difficult time in the scarcity and tension that marked the gradual decline of the Distra colonies. Tensions grew, and snapped, evolving into an all out race war between them and the other colonists. They remain the only race left in Distra.   Unlike their genetic ancestors, the Ireheart, the Undaunted are fairly capable Psiolics and in particular have a peculiar, unique form of metaphysic which lets them force their emotions upon others. Because of this emotional tie, the Undaunted hold a special reverence for the Seven Emotions, and seek to master them.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants

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