Engineered Pheromones

I witnessed my target, Duke Juke, strut into the club. Each of her steps accompanied a tidal wave of personality that bowled over the inhibitions of the Club's guests.   Left step, a sassy snap. Right step, a seductive wink. Left step, a blown kiss, making a poor Faecha collapse. The charm never ceased, and neither did the aromas that wafted off her.   I could see the bottle on her hip, "Softee's Number 49 Love Serum." Pheromones, engineered to coerce the Duke's prey into debauchery and hedonism. Once the perfume hit the minds of her quarry, there were no more secrets. Even the most perverse and guarded intrigues would flow like wine amidst the throes and screams of passion.   I knew it was coming, I controlled my breathing and focused on my objective. Even with training, it hit me as if I had inhaled a sickly sweet alcohol- the scents of lavender, raw sex, and delectable sweets besieged my fortitude like trebuchets slamming castle walls.   Somnolent protect me, it will be a long night.

A Scent for Every Occasion and Emotion

Engineered Pheromones are an item and an effect. Typically bottled and sold, they can be created to spark certain emotions in those around you. There is also the ability to genetically engineer sweat-glands to produce a certain kind of pheromones so they can be excreted at will.


Pheromones are often sold either as a line up of products, each created for a certain purpose or they can be commisioned to be targeted to certain Sophont or animals.  


Engineered Pheromones can be as innocent as a relaxing scent, or as potent as a truth serum. These potent concoctions can be used for hunting as well.  
No matter how many legs your quarry walks on, reel them in with our patented potions.
— Holdyne Cosmetics Marketing Ad


Engineered Pheromones are a legally dubious item. In most Banners, purchasing pheromones designed to influence people is heavily regulated if not outright illegal.

Even in Hedon where purchases of the most powerful pheromones are allowed, using them can often lead to cases of manufactured consent, which carries with it heavy punishments.


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