Time Standards

The Golden Time Standards of Ethnis

Ethnis Hubstandard Time (EHT) is based on the timescale of Jhoutai. It is the time standard by which the rest of Ethnis orientates itself. For the sake of all official business, this is the gold standard, even among Banners which dislike the Pact. This is because the standard was adopted before the Bannercasting, and so became the heartbeat by which the universal economy survived.   Today, all EHT clocks can be synced to the Æthernet to validate its time against the clocks of Jhoutai. This allows all times to compensate for local temporal distortion, as well as making it possible to keep EHT even in environments without local celestial bodies that can be used to calculate a similar time, such as surviving on extremely alien worlds or on space stations.   Despite EHT being the standard, most worlds will develop a local time based on local orbit and celestial features. For example, the world of Kytheria marks its "day" cycle by the orbit of its moon, Thalia, which has a 12 hour period and thus lines up most closely with the circadian rhythm of the common Sophont, despite the fact that the sun, Apollo, has a 72 hour period.

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