The Valdutani Marriage Ceremony

You want them, you should go for them, but do so elegantly. If you cannot give them a perfect day how could you even give them an ideal life?


Before Parisan lovers may get engaged they must complete four tasks.
  1. The lovers must state their intent to earn their engagement to their friends and family.
  2. The lovers must go on a Pilgrimage together
  3. The lovers must go on a Solitude together
  4. The lovers must win the approval of each other's parents
  For each one they complete they gain an etching upon a small shield plaque, and when all four symbols of engagement have been etched onto the plaque they are engaged, may present it at a marriage ceremony during the spring equinox to join in the Lovers' Dance and become married.   If a Valdutani gets married without completing all four tasks they may gain a Dishonored Chain.  

The Lovers' Dance

The dance itself is a massive communal celebration marked with feast, song, and, of course, the Lovers' Dance. It's an all-day affair that begins with the lovers arriving and having their hands bound together and then going through with the rest of the festivities as such. It's considered bad luck if a couple's bindings are broken during the course of things, but that is a superstition which few Valdutani truly hold to.   Some of the activities of this joyous occasion include haybale toss, obstacle run, paired climbing, and axe throwing.   As the sun sets the lovers engage in their dance, speak the vows in a chorus, and are considered wed. They remove their hand bindings and tie them around letters from friends and family to be opened at the date written on the outside of the letter. Common times include first fight, first anniversary, and so on.

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