The Cloning Problem

Why Sophont+ Cannot be Cloned

Written by Ademal

The Problem

Any attempts to full clone a Sophont or higher intelligence result in the entity invariably being rendered braindead by the experience when the soul intersects all bodies and attempts to share stimuli between both.   Originally it was thought to be a matter of mental processing power on behalf of the entity, but this experiment has been attempted with Monoliths and Engines as well, to the same effect.


While the exact cause is uncertain, the consensus among Sophontist and Psiolic scholars is that those properties of Ethnis which cause the Soul to manifest somehow recognize the mental patterns, and will attempt to bridge and share data across them. The issue isn't one of data overload, but of how the soul imprints memories into the brain.   This is in line with Monoliths, who seemingly tap into a deeper consciousness or groupmind, and implies that the Soul has deeper networked properties than have yet been measured.


Removing the Soul from the cloned entity by way of constant anti-meta fields prevents the Soul from asserting and causing the effect. Of course, this also prevents the entity from harnessing the meta or Transcending.


This occurrence supports Simulation Theory! This looks more like a universal bug or glitch than a property, like someone or something coded the soul into us and didn't account for perfect clones. This doesn't negate the concept of a creator, but it does imply an imperfection in their design!
Syndicate scientist

Cover image: Sophonce by Ademal


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