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CommLinks (Comms) are the ubiquitous method of communication throughout Ethnis. They can operate within a network or peer to peer, and can store and transfer massive amounts of data.

Most users receive a CommLink implant early in their childhood through a non-invasive surgery just above the eye. With the subdermal CommLink, data is projected directly onto the cornea of the user.

The World Within the Eye

CommLinks are a commodity technology of Ethnis. Most Sophont are given a CommLink early in their lives. The basic technology and its features have remained the same for multiple generations. The basic features of any Comm are: first person live streaming video, music sharing, group gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and chat via voice and text.

As the base technology stays stable, the market for modules for the CommLinks continues to expand. Either via purchase, hacking, or implant, users can acquire such technology as Sensate, Grist, Drone Connection, development ironClad interfaces, and more.



CommLinks often have access to your base thought process, which provides an ease of use unmatchable by other interface types. However many security-savvy folks disable this feature as the added ease of use is not worth having your thoughts broadcast to a machine and thusly whomever else might be watching.


What can you hope to do when you can't even trust your own eyes to tell you the truth?

One of the greatest fears around Comms is having them hacked. A hacked comm means being unable to trust your own senses. Things can be added-to or hidden from your environment against your consent, essentially resulting in you, the weared, being manipulated to perceive things differently.

While hacking CommLinks is a task made difficult through centuries of security evolutions, there are still cases of negligent users opening themselves up for hacks or savvy engineers abusing CommLink vulnerabilities for their own gain or entertainment.

You heard of them CommGhosts? Oh come on, don't look at me like that. You know they gotta be real. Seen one myself! Walked right through a crowd of people unseen. Only reason I saw him is I don't have a Comm Implant.   He saw me looking at him and just... stopped and stared at me. Made my blood run cold. I had to pretend I was just staring at the wall behind him, thinkin'.
— Conspiracy Theorist.

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Tech Clade


CommLinks are operated through a multitude of inputs based on user preference and application.

Examples of control schemes include eye movements, speech, projected interface, and thought-to-text



Most CommLinks are implanted into the ears and corneas, but more security-minded folks opt to have them as an external, removable component so that they can remove them and test their natural senses against something perceived.

External CommLinks can also be used to bring rediscovered worlds into the communication grid without the surgery required to implant the CommLink


Military and Law Enforcement can have a more tactical variant of the CommLink, which can be used to relay orders or intelligence through a commander-based CommLink network.

Threat Assessment, Areas of Operations, and much more can be overlayed with military-grade CommLinks.

Looking Glass

An external CommLink panel that is used for a multitude of specialized purposes. These find uses in homes and in public spaces, they can be as small as a tablet or as large as a window pane.

Looking Glasses are used in many service industries as a point of interaction, or as a group entertainment platform.

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Summer Camp Prompt 23

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