A portable compendium of knowledge and practicality

Written by Barron

I was sure as shit shitting myself when I saw that the Ka was the only one of our group strong enough to try and pull the Vampire Vines from my leg.

I was damned sure the brute would wind up just ripping of my entire damned leg so I just screamed for a punch to the face instead. Thank whatever fuckin' Sovereign was watching that the GearHeart had a medical Systome.

Big brute learned where to grab the vine and how to burn the sucker out. I owe my life to Systome, and if it could teach a Ka to do surgery then I'm pretty sure if can do anything.
— A Very Happy Customer

The Epitome of Portable Technology!

  Systomes as designed by Hepburn and Luncaster Group are a series of customizable and expandable electronic devices that can store massive amounts off data on a subject to assist the user with any menial and complicated tasks on a subject matter. These systomes are expensive to purchase, but come loaded with the most current knowledge of the users preferred subjects. They can be updated real-time as long as there is an Æthernet connection. The knowledge contained can be expanded to include more sections of knowledge by purchasing expansion chips. The Systome itself is a physical cover with holographic technology inside. Searching can be done in an instant using communication implants.  


Systomes came from a desire to have more connectivity to the ever expanding wealth of knowledge flowing from every corner of the universe. The founders of the Systome originally created their product as a stylized compendium of different topics pulled by algorithms from all the search engines in existence. Over time, as their product gained more popularity, they created their own ever growing and curated knowledge databanks, these topics could be licensed out and guaranteed only the best information could make it into the hands of its billions of users.  


Many Systomes are purchased to assist with those needing references for intelligence. Doctors, technicians, lawyers, engineers, and many more use Systomes to ensure they are up to date and can find any information they need to run their day to day job. A doctor can learn and read up on any new found disease by setting the Systome down and opening its holographic pages. Entire figures and animations of common surgeries can be whipped up alongside the doctor, guiding even the most novice surgeon through some of the most complicated medical procedures to date.  

An Adventurers Best Friend

Many of the more wealthy adventurers can be found having Systomes to help them with their work away from home. Adventurers often need compendiums of known beasts, planets, wildlife, and survival skills, and a Systome with enough expansion chips can hold all that knowledge required. Even in the most remote locations a Systome can remain in operations as long as their is a power supply to recharge its week-long battery life.  

Expansion Chips

Expansion Chips are memory plug ins and licences for different aspects of technology and knowledge. They are an expensive upgrade to an already expensive piece of technology, but there are dozens of expansion slots. The most novice of adventures can become one of the most knowledgeable people in the universe if they have an upgraded Systome in their possession.  


Systomes as compendiums can also be used to hold dangerous knowledge. Information such as weaponry, fabrication, hacking, or other nefarious activites, are often controlled by Banners. Few Banners such as Hedon and Federation do not control this data.


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19 Dec, 2018 08:58

Does it display some holographic tutorial directly on the user's field of view? Like if he's for example cutting flowers, will the hologram show were to cut directly on the flower? Or is it a kind of AR manual ?

19 Dec, 2018 14:50

The display will project a 3D image over the open book. So it would show a diagram of where to cut in 3D! Good question!

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