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Greetings from the developers!

Funded or not, I will always work on Ethnis. It is my greatest passion. The first concepts developed when I was a kid, and have grown and expanded to the massive universe that you see today. By day I work as a software developer, by night I chip away at this massive, lifelong project!

Ademal Jacklyn (Lead)
Ademal by themself

Just like Ademal, I'm going to be working on Ethnis no matter what the situation. It's what I want to see myself doing. I've been working on Ethnis since the day I met Ademal about nine years ago, and it has grown so much since then.

I'm excited to see and work on Ethnis' future.

Barron (Developer)
Barron by Himself

The Team

Ops Support

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We use income Patreon purely to fund Ethnis, primarily for art but also for music, TTRPG development, business costs and eventually video game development.

Ethnis is massive and rapidly growing, with hundreds of pages of content. If you are interested in reading the content locked to different tiers of Aspirants please consider helping us in our dream.


The Ethnis Hub is the heart of the development, lore, and feedback for all things Ethnis.

Meet with the developers, players, and fans of Ethnis who will happily talk about the setting and draw you in.


Of course we're not asking something for nothing! We want to make patronage worth it for you as much as for us! Join the Patreon here!  




Gain access to all the VIP channels in the servers. See daily updates of WIP art, music, and writing. Listen in on the dev's voice channel while they discuss lore and development.



Narrative Access

Gain access to the Extended Lore and Narrative sections of the Codex, and read access to the voting channels.



RPG Access

Gain access to the E.Lite RPG sections of the Codex, and Discord. Submit content requests for voting. The TTRPG is very WIP.




When we write our Modules or Narratives, you may submit key details—such as characters—to play a key role in the content.




Your name will reverberate through the ages of Ethnis. You will influence the major details of a Narrative, including who the protagonists and antagonists are.




We're not sure what we can offer you that's worth this without it taking away from our dev time, but we want you to tell us what it would take for you to become a Monolith. We'll make it work.


Adam Piskel
Adrian Tsonev
Anna Boyett
Brandon York
Chance Makepeace
Dustin Peterson
Dylan Terra
Herbert 'Zada' Baron
Jake Crosby
Jedidiah Brolliar
Maple A
Matthew Carte
Michael Vaganov
Nyda Simmonds
Samantha Weatherly
Stacey Lawton
Sheila R.
Zane Benavidez

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Sage Happy4488
Matthieu A.
19 Aug, 2018 08:35

I wish you guys the best, and I'm sure it will happen if you keep working hard as you did until now :)   Thanks for making such a beautiful universe and being an inspiration to so many of us on WA.

19 Aug, 2018 15:31

Thank you, that means so much!

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

19 Aug, 2018 16:49

Thanks Happy, hearing that does mean a lot. We hope you will enjoy what we do not just now, but into the future. So much more planned and I'm excited to deliver it. :)

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