Sophonce is the measure of universal awareness of a being and its highest requisite on the needs pyramid. Every classification includes and builds upon the properties of its predecessors. Each threshold represents an exponentially difficult divide between each pairing.


The Thresholds


Sensorimotoric beings have no considerations above the physiological. Their existence is dictated entirely by the stimuli of the moment without reference to any moments which came before. The same stimuli always have the same result.

Needs Tier Physiological: Consume, with little other regard and foresight.
Examples Paramecium, scripted intelligence, Most plants


Ideomotoric beings have the ability to learn from past stimuli and change their behavior as a result. On top of physiological needs they tend to plan and anticipate, and so will make shelter or stockpile resources based on environmental conditions.

Needs Tier Safety: Prepare now for things which may come next. Learn from experience.
Examples Reptiles, simple mammals, most insects

Here we encounter the Sociological Threshold, at which we see notable social behavior


Sentient beings demonstrate a social hierarchy and internal roles beyond internal alpha behavior and sticking together for mere safety. Members may be given roles based on their skills, and looked after even when they have no use. Members also form strong interpersonal bonds.

Needs Tier Love/Belonging: There is safety and comfort in numbers.
Examples Canines, Sazakraht, Monkeys


Sapient beings demonstrate the capacity for abstract thought which results in creativity and a sense of self. The mirror test is a good test of the latter in sight-based creatures such as primates. The former remains a topic of heated debate in many quarters.They can form long-term goals.

Needs Tier Esteem: To feel good about one's choices in a moral sense, whatever that morality may be.
Examples Canines, Primates, Elephants, some Engines

Here we encounter the Existential Threshold, at which point we witness self-actualization


Sophont beings are capable of raising existential questions and of demonstrating self-aware psychological self-influence. They can make choices based off of projected long-term outcomes despite any negative stimuli trying to dissuade them from the act. They can live life in pursuit of a concept, and often do.

Needs Tier Self-Actualization: To understand and shape the self.
Examples Verin, Sazashi, Haan, Humans, some Engines, Foci


Sophilect beings have generally escaped the majority of the typical needs hierarchy. For them resources might be so ubiquitous that they do not consider physiological need, their power so great that they do not consider safety, their sense of self so complete that they sate their own needs for love, belonging, esteem, and self actualization. They can instead turn their attentions outwards, to the perpetuation of their actualization by passing it onto others or serving it with fervor. A sophilect cannot surprise itself.

Needs Tier Broad Actualization: The total ideological understanding and furthering of the self beyond mere urge of reproduction.
Examples Anthem, the Inspirations, the Sovereign

Here we encounter the Ademalian Threshold, beyond which we cannot surmise


In her original Classifications of Being, Sophontist Vissir Ademal concluded with Sophilect. She stated that she was unsure if even Sophilect warranted its own class. Since her work has entered the larger sphere there has been a general insistence on the existence of sopholith, and a push for a classification beyond what has been dubbed the Ademalian Threshold. Post-Ademalian beings are theoreticals which have considerations unfathomable even by Sophilects.

Needs Tier Unknown
Examples (Theorized) The Wheel, God

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