Sig V

Sig V is a world all but abandoned. Once a verdant mining world, it soon became a wasteland and shell of its former self once Digger Co.'s mines went dry.   Now it only hosts a small population, mostly living in the last functioning city of Cuidad Uno.


The Discovery of Wealth

As a desert planet that was almost entirely uninhabitable, Sig V saw very little interest from prospectors and settlers. It was not until a Perdurian native discovered valuable minerals such as Platinum and Gold that the planet exploded in popularity. The Federation of Free Planets were the only way to claim the planet, and so Digger Co. invested heavily in a mining infrastructure and built sustainable cities around the planet to host it's workers.   These cities were massive undertakings, built to stand the test of time, and its the only reason Sig V still holds a population at all currently.  

The Great Recession

The mines did not fail all at once, but instead slowly capitulated and dried up one by one. As the mines became too dangerous to continue, the cities built around them began to die down as well.   Wealth left, leaving only the poor and destitute to fend for themselves. Any wealth remaining was quickly preyed upon by criminal elements born out of desperation. By the end of the century, only Cuidad Uno maintained any semblance of civilization, but then it's mine dried up as well.  


Sig V is a thin atmosphere world, with temperatures bordering on the realm of uninhabitable. It gets extremely hot during the day, and extremely cold at night. While there is large swaths of ocean, the water is salted and unusable.   The land masses consist of ninety percent arid deserts, with only small sections of forests breaking up the sand dunes.   While some Ka have staked out homesteads within these deserts, the only large populations are located within the lone city and port of Sig V, Cuidad Uno

Yeah, Sig V's a shitty rock, with shitty people, where shitty shit all happens.
Robert Kiska

Banners at Play


While it does not invest into the planet itself The Federation of Free Planets still maintains its diplomatic hold over Sig V and it's surrounding system. They primarily use it a space station port for refueling, and rarely get involved with affairs planet side  

Apple of Hedon

The Apple of Hedon is rumored to have a Hotel California built within Sig V's capital city of Cuidad Uno. With such a desperate and struggling populace, Hedon is often praised as bringing hope to the city.
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