The foundation of Shejlt-Rajh culture is Rajhska, from which most Sazashi religions derive and which itself derives from the Verin worship of The Wheel. Depending on inflection and context Rajh can mean many things: The Wheel, the Sovereign, the Suns, Saints, Spirits, and Monoliths. Rajhska is the aspiration to be akin all these things, and it is the journeys you take to get there.

Rajhska believe every journey follows one of four paths

The Worldly Path: Where you learn respect for the universe and your place in it. The Chaos Path: Where you learn that change is inevitable, and you become an agent of it. The Balanced Path: Where you learn that order is necessary, and you enforce it. The Godly Path: Where you learn respect for yourself and the universe's place within you.

None of these paths truly has an end, and a Rajhska can walk a single one for their entire lives, though most tend to try to round themselves out by walking the other paths as well. Aside from a few outliers, they believe no path is greater than the other, though they do think that walking all paths has more worth than walking a single one.

Rajhska places stead in the power of ritual, for ritual offers control over the self and the world, and brings normalcy to places even where there are none. As such, many Shejlt-Rajh seem to have rituals for almost every circumstance. Some have less, some have more, but almost all have at least a daily activity that they practice to keep their mind sharp -- be it worship, sparring, playing music, or anything else.

Furthermore, Rajhska states that all things suffused with the power of The Wheel are sacred by some right, and possess their own anima. This isn't necessarily awareness, but when nurtured or left to mingle with other anima can become it, as with Affinity items. For this reason they tend to loathe things which represent or corruption of anima, such as kyzan.

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