The physical manifestation of corrupted meta

Written by Ademal

She sat in the corner, hands wrapped around her horns and pulling—I could hear them groaning under the stress, torquing until...   SNAP   The mottled, unhealthy horn splintered, drooling red blood and black selschaeus down over her trembling hands. As soon as it was exposed to the open air I felt a tug just behind my ear. It was gentle, like a puff of breath.   That's when the whispering started.
  Selschaeus (Sell-SHAY-Uss), commonly known as Dark Unity, is the corrupted form of Schaeus (Unity)   Where Unity is the refined meta-energy at the heart of all Meta Tech , Dark Unity is Unity tinted by Soul Sickness—it has turned oily, and developed a form of low, almost animalistic intelligence. One 'strain' of Dark Unity may act physically different to the next: some act like a liquid but can run up walls, some grow like crystals, some expand like gas.   In essence, Dark Unity is putrified Soul energy.   Dark Unity creates more of itself by radiating its energy outwards, sucking meta into itself and corrupting it, and imparting various degrees of Soul Sickness to Sophont within a vicinity of several meters, depending on the quantity of the Dark Unity and the health of the affected souls.

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Selschaeus is oily.


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