Status Effects

Status Effects

Each round go through your status effects from oldest to newest and follow their rules.

Effects List

Physical Status Effects

May cause injury or be caused by injury.


Lose [X] Health per round. If this reduces your health to 0 before you stop the bleeding, you go unconscious.


Lose [X] Health per round.

Grav Sickness

Grav Sickness is caused by low-gravity.


Each rank lowers max health by 1 and gives 1 exertion. If you check against it and fail, gain a rank for each 3 points failed by. Target is 7, repeat each round. Once outside of range you lose a rank of it per round naturally.


Gain [X] Exertion to all Checks. You must make a Toughness save each round after the round you gain Stun. If you pass against complications and exertion, you shrug off the Stun. On your 1st fail you're Downed and on the 3rd failure you’re Unconscious.

Mental Status Effects


Raise Sanity Damage Resistance by [X]


Source of Enthralling can determine up to [X] of your actions this round. Save Charm 2[X] each round to shrug it off. If you would gain a rank of Mesmerized, gain a rank of Enthralled instead. At 5 ranks you black out and lose control of the character until the source of the Enthrallment is stopped by an outside source. Goes down 1 every 2 rounds you don’t gain a new rank.


Lower Max Sanity by [X], down to 1. Save Charm each round. If you pass against complications and exertion, you shrug off the Fear. Counts as Internal Sanity loss.


Add up to [X] to a Card played with your check, raising the value of that Card up to a maximum value of 10. Lower your Focus rank by that much.


Raise Max Sanity by [X]. Lower SDR by [X].


Discard [X] cards with the highest numeric value from your hand after ante. Save Charm [X] each round to shrug it off. If you have 5 ranks of Mesmerized, remove this status and become Enthralled. Remove 1 every 3 rounds you don’t gain a new rank.

If attempting Mesmerize on a creature you do not Enthrall them until the Ranks of Mesmerize is equal to their Willpower. If you succeed they count as Pacified. Read the Bestiary -> Training a Creature for more info.


Add [X] to overflow of damage against a target. You have to attack someone every round or lose [X] sanity.

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