Ethnis Lite Abilities

Abilities are particular capabilities which your character has gained through their experiences. These come from different aspects of your backstory, and are gained throughout play by upgrading your Mantles

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Ability Sources

Abilities may come from any Aspect of your Character.

For Players

Using an Ability

To use an Ability, first read if there are any restrictions to its use. If none are listed, you may invoke it at any time during play for its listed Effect. Using an Ability Depletes it, and it cannot be used again until Refreshed.

Refreshing an Ability

Abilities are Refreshed by fulfilling a Mantle or taking a rest to sleep. If a Mantle is used, it becomes Depleted until next rest.

Acquiring/Upgrading Abilities

Abilities are acquired by upgrading those Aspects where viable, and are upgraded by spending Plot on them to raise their individual levels.


For Narrators

Designing Abilities

When making a Mantle's abilities, it is important to focus on expanding a character's capabilities rather than adding bonuses to existing things. Focusing on expanding on the breadth of what a player can do instead of increasing the proficiency of their current capabilities challenges them to come up with more creative solutions rather than relying on the brute force of a number so much.  

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