Originally named Raelsyk by the Verin before renaming themselves the Raluine Mih'ai (Kin of Night), the Ral-Mi are a quiet and observant people. They were designed, built, and bred to be patient and protective, and as such tend to be quick to sympathize with and protect a victim where they find one.  


Despite their physical power, Ral-Mi learned early on in history that their survival depends on the Hiserabi of all creatures. The Hiserabi have the numbers and courage to attack the prey that all beasts avoid, even the Ral-Mi. After an attempt by the Ka millennia ago to enslave the Hiserabi (wherein the Hiserabi first became addicted to Akjhe), the Ral-Mi centered their culture around defending the balance of nature and culture. This belief is called the Calling, though most often manifests as a desire to protect their forest homeland or plant its seeds on other planets.

After initially saving the Hiserabi, Ral-Mi learned they work well with just about any race. They make great guards and cavalry.

Basic Information


Ral-Mi were designed to be as tall as a Verin with a balance of strength somewhere between Ka and Parisan. Beyond that their physiology has nothing major to note.

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