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Projections are an element of Auric Meta exclusive to Humans Psiolic. They are Auric Echos which remain anchored to their Caster, and which retain a watered-down version of their memories and skills.

Uniquely Human

In a unforgiving universe, it's Projections which makes Humans unique.
Some worry that we have just the one thing, but I'd say that's plenty.
— Human Psiolic
Humans alone can create Projections.   This power was bestowed by collective dream from the Somnolent during the Bannercasting, and has remained with them since.   Much of the human identity centers around Projections. The Sazashi have their Akjhe, the Verin have their history, and Humanity has its Projections. While Humanity sees itself as standing out in many other ways, Projections are hands-down the most irrefutable in their effect on the trajectory of Human success,  

Root of Industry

Oh the rest of the universe was pissed when humans started using Projections. The common human could now summon the sort of workforce that had taken the Verin thousands of years to half-way perfect.
— Human Farmhand
The Verin Haimarchy is built on the back of Metaphysical automation. Thousands of years of progress lent itself to the creation of golems, eidolons, and Soluma designed to do the jobs of Verin.   Humanity bypassed this process entirely.   The ability to create Projections put Humans on the map, because the common Projection is more intelligent and self-correcting than the common golem.   When the ValuSelu Pact abandoned Eden, it was the the Somnolent's rise to power and advent of Projections which project the saving grace to Humanity, who didn't have the resources and population to rebuild.

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Projection Spells

Divination Perceive through target Projection.
Immolation No unique effects.
Manipulation No unique effects.
Combination Merge target extant Projections.


Projections appear as a phantom reflection of the Caster's self-perception—usually a featureless nude. A weakly defined perception of self results in a more chaotic, shifting form from cast to cast, while a more strongly defined one results in almost every single cast looking the same.   The more of their Soul a Psiolic pours into the cast, the more well-defined its features are. The weakest ones are blur of limbs at best, while the strongest are so tangible you can't even see through them.   Some Casters learn how to tailor the appearance of their Projections to look how they wish,

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I remember asking about these not so long ago. I'm glad they got their own article :)

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This gives me Mass Effect vibes for some reason but ... You know, I really kinda love the fact that Humans are the only ones that can do this- but that it's a new development, and they still can't use Meta like the other Sophonts. It's a really unique take on Human abilities in Sci-Fi Fantasy. It's also a really unique take on Astral Projection in general. I love it!

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Oop! They can use meta in modern times. Historically, before First Contact with the other Sophont, they could not!   And thank you. I wanted to give the humans something unique but was a bit tired of it being our spirit or something. No... the Sazashi arguably have more spirit than us. Human's have had to adjust to the notion that something we never evne knew we had is what makes us special.

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Ooh! I didn't know that :O (tbh, I haven't gotten to the Humans yet in my exploring lol). That's still pretty cool, though. Especially the need to adjust to finding out about it all.

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