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Nege Coral Reef

We set out at night for the reefs off Nege-Tai. Compared to the bleached, lifeless reefs left on Earth, the Nege-Tai reefs were teeming with life and vibrant colors.

The shifting hues below our boat gave us a glimpse to the entire world that florished beneath the waves.

Adventine Zravis Punell

The Nege Coral Reef is an oceanic feature that expands off the entire eastern seaboard of the Jhoutai mainland. Massive Coral structures rise and fall in this area, making anything other than modern naval travel a near impossibility. Islands of Coral can rise and fall in a decade, and the sharp fresh coral can rip apart most ships.

Fluctuations of the Coral enrichs the waters of the reef with minerals and nutrients, creating a perfect home for diverse and thriving flora and fauna.


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