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Naag Kumo

A tall, thin, robed figure with a swollen, pregnant belly. Naag Kumo is a rogue agent within the ranks of the House of Sorrows, and acts more as a vigilante than a unit.

Naag was low to the ground, like a serpent. His long body and shaggy hair was splayed, and had too many joints to it. Too many limbs, too, by what she was able to catch in that heartbeat. He was suspended in a kinetic web of his own weave, and when her kinetics overlapped his, they both shattered like glass, sending shards and ripples in every which direction.

Cuts traced over Vess' body. Some hurt. She wouldn't be sure of the damage until after the fight was over, but seeing chunks of concrete shatter from the walls around her gave her an idea of what might have happened had she not blocked his spell.

He fell as his web gave out, but her own hoisted her up over him, entirely upside-down and perpendicular. She reached a hand up towards the earth, towards his pained, fearful, startled face. His gawped as her fingertips caressed his cheek with all the intimate warmth of true love, and he looked into her eyes.

Like bottle of wine swayed one way and then the other, the contents of Vess's soul sloshed up her arm and to her palm, here it touched his vein-webbed cheek. Her entire essence spoke into his mind, with a volume that cracked the concrete beneath his head, 5 words:

Your suffering is your doing.

Fighting Style
Weaving Snake, trained by Glistering Gabriel directly.


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