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Metaphysical Thermodynamics

A keystone of Meta Technology, especially in space, is its ability to use low-power Energy spells to convert heat to meta, and meta to heat. This phenomena, known as Metaphysical Thermodynamics, forms the backbone of thermoregulation for extreme environments, such as in space, where the dispersion of heat from from vessels is a critical part of life-support and maintenance.


• Frequent casting of energy spells through a crystal quickly degrades it, causing its bonds to break down so that parts of the crystal turn to dust and parts of it fracture.

Over just a few weeks, the conversion slowly weakens, and the crystal matrix breaks down.


• Most ships have a magic box which can Microcast* energy spells, gradually soaking up the heat and storing it as meta, which is then leaked into the surroundings. A 6x6" box can offset the thermal load of a scav ship with a crew of four comfortably for 2 weeks, but after the third will be shot.

• In terraforming areas and cooling them off, great crystals with the related enchantment can be erected and left to run with occasional maintenance.

*Microcasting is the process of casting spells lower than level 1. A level one spell is the bottom limit of the size of spell a caster can cast. Though this number has a small, floating-point variant from caster-to-caster, the range is fairly consistent among casters. The temperature change caused by a level 1 spell is the basis of Jhaoutai's imperialistic temperature system.


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