Meissner Warping Syndrome

Meissner Warping Syndrom is a induced sickness that occurs when the body repeatedly comes in contact with Meissner gravity irregularities. Small bubbles with corrupted gravity directions can be passed through without even knowing it. The variation of gravity is typically within 15 degrees of the original programming, known as its gravity drift.

These bubbles on most plates can be as large as fist but are mostly the size of a pea. They pass through all objects, including flesh. While not a huge threat most of the time, these bubbles can cause strange chronic conditions from repeated exposure or when they occur in high traffic areas.

Imagine sleeping in your bed, except there's a constant bubble of odd gravity sitting in your chest. I was out of breath constantly when I woke up and I could never understand why.

It's because that bubble was tripping up my diaphragm.

Detecting and Fixing

Errors and corruptions in Meissner Antigravity can be detected with any sort of airborne vapor in the air. Many ships have the ability to release mist into the hull, while the function is primarily for climate control, releasing a fog will allow the eye to see any odd fluctuations in gravity.

Fixing a Meissner Corruption is much harder of a task. In all cases, the protective casing needs to be removed, and the faulty microplates and wiring needs to be replaced. While the parts are plug and play, determining which plate is broken and properly recalibrating them takes time and finicking

Symptoms and Treatment

Meissner Warping Syndrome is difficult to diagonse at first as the symptoms can take almost any form. Mild flucations in gravity can cause everything from sleep apnea to chronic pains to random bouts of dizziness. All of which can be confused for other diseases and maladies.

No specific treatment is needed in most cases, the body will return to normal function as long as the problematic Meissner fluctuations are fixed. In some major cases, medical intervention of the symptoms may be required.


You avoid MWS by not keeping the same schedule every day. Sleep in a different position, eat in a different chair, take a shower sitting down, all that stuff.

The little changes keep you sane, and they keep those gravity bubbles from lingering on you.


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