Lady Akrasiel, Prince of Ambition

She Took What She Deserved

Sandra Rogue, the Angel Slayer, the Genetic Messiah, the Rising Star, and a Daughter of the Somnolent, Akrasiel is the result of advanced testing to create a new subspecies of humans, the Renatus. Few are born so fast, so strong, and so perceptive.   Her name, Sandra Rogue, was one self-given. One half the name of a scientist, the other the name of a philosopher. The name given to her originally was Nineteen, as she was the nineteenth of the one-thousand Renatus raised to serve The Church of The Somnolent as elite soldiers and wardens of The Crucible. A many years she was the most dedicated Renatus, merciless in her exacting of the Somnolent's word.   Eventually the words of her dissentingbrother, Thomas Rogue and the seduction of Desire broke through her dogma and she turned upon the Somnolent with the same dogged fervor she'd demonstrated in serving him.   She is now one of the wives of Desire, and serves her in ardent fervor.

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