Introduction to Technology

Technology within Ethnis is quantified by several technological quantifiers.  

Meta Property

Objects or technologies may have additional metaphysical properties; they will either be Mundane, Imbued, or an Affinity.
  • Mundane objects have no metaphysical properties.
  • Enchanted objects have metaphysical properties coded into them.
  • Affinity objects have a soul and may have Focus or Monolithic properties. As with Monoliths, Affinities have multiple ranks of strength.


The possible outcome(s) of the technology, as well as what merits the rating and the projected odds of the outcome(s) coming to fruition. Potential is plotted on a Scope/Intensity Grid inspired by the work of Nick Bostrom, expanded out to modern timeline and scale.  


Scope is determined based off of how many Sophont may be affected.   During assessment, the Scope is written based on whether the risk is Direct or Vectored. If it's a Direct Influence then a quantifying adjective (such as personal, local, etc) will be used to describe it, otherwise its Scope will be measured in Interspheric Degrees.   An Intersperic Degree is everyone within relevant social interaction of the Origin, such as friends, family, coworkers, and frequent acquaintances.

The notation for Interspheric Degrees is OXI, where X is the variable for the number of degrees and O represents the Origin.   Personal Influence, a single person, the Origin of O0I
Local Influence of ~500; anyone within O1I
Regional Influence of ~25'000; anyone within O2I
Global Influence of ~500 mil; anyone within O3I
Galactic Influence of billions; anyone within O4I
Cosmic Influence of all life; anyone within O5I   Influence is quantified as Direct or Vectored.  
Direct Events Events such as explosions or mass vaccinations, which affect a more reliable and quantifiable area or set of people.
Vectored Events Events which spread outwards from person to person with some sort of behavior, such as in a disease or a memetic. Vectored Potentials are quantified in measures called Interspheric Degrees.


The intensity of a threat is determined by how negatively it affects those influenced by it. A threat may be global in Scope but more just inconvenient than problematic.  
Benign Present long-term positive outcomes which move things in a direction of greater peace, health, or joy. Examples of this include getting a new, larger home (personal) or an economic boom (global).
Imperceptible (Non-Threat): The Risk is present but has no major positive or negative effects. An Imperceptible Risk can range from nicking yourself while shaving (personal ) to the ubiquitous but unimportant presence of hologram cosmetic wear (cosmic).
Endurable Presents long-term effects which will have to be worked around, such as having a personal and valuable possession stolen (personal), or the loss of keystone creatures within an ecosystem (global).
Terminal A threat to the continued existence of life within the Scope. This can either be caused by mass-death or by some circumstance which prevents genetic material from being passed on or new life from being created.
Existential A terminal threat so severe that it may not only eradicate all life within its scope, but maybe impossible to overcome or prevent new life from being established within the remains. This may be planetary destruction or a perfect disease.

Examples of Potential
Nanotech presents a Vectored O5I Existential Potential of triggering a grey-goo scenario wherein it devours all lifeforms and enters into an hibernative state that prevents life from ever appearing within its influence again.

Nuclear Armaments present a Direct Regional Terminal Potential from the original explosion with Global Endurable risk from the resultant fallout.

A recent Hologram Contact Lenses fad presents a Vectored Global Imperceptible potential as the fashion spreads from group to group.

Tech Clade

The Tech Clades are the three distinct branches of technological advancement within Ethnis. Each has its own unique properties, materials, mechanics, and considerations.   The three Clades are Orga, Mecha, and Meta. Orga is short for Organic, and encompasses all living technology such as bioweapons, artificial viruses, and orga armor. Mecha is short for mechanical, and encompasses all computer and mechanical technology. Meta is short for metaphysical, and encompasses all meta-powered and imbued objects such as enchanted weapons.





Every project has a difficulty. This determines how difficult it is to complete and how many checks it will take.  

Primitive Primitive items have basic utility and can be built from almost anything. Drafting is simple to a layman and crafting is fairly plug and play. Examples: a stone axe, a rag turned into a basic breathing filter, a wall of stone and mud.
Simple Simple items are akin to the Trivial in that they’re something most could conceptualize, but require stronger materials. They’re still easy enough to make with primitive tools. Examples: Leather, brick and mortar, rawhide. Drafting is simple to an amateur; crafting has some assembly required.

Moderate Moderate items require the unpowered tools of a Toolkit: scalpels, screwdrivers, saws, and so forth. Most of them have processed parts or a mechanical component. Examples: Drafting is simple to a hobbyist; crafting is hands-on.
Advanced Advanced items require a high mechanical precision to create or powered tools from a Toolkit to create and upgrade: welders, benders, CRISPR Array, etc. Drafting is simple to a pro; crafting takes work and dedication.

Intensive Intensive items require fine-tuned fabrication or programming to support advanced input or configurations. Drafting is simple to a master; crafting is an intense process.
Coveted Coveted items are those rarely seen in the wider universe, powerful examples of where technology may go, or has gone before being forgotten. Drafting is simple to a god; crafting it would break the limits of most.

Pivotal Pivotal items have such great ramifications that they may change the future of their field. Even if they’ve been invented there’s constantly new things discovered about them that changes the face of society. Drafting daunts gods; crafting is incomprehensible.






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