Ethnis Eats, Season 1, Chapter 10

The Finale episode will involve a massive cook off, with Tejas, Dartesi, Anton, and Dancer all chipping in with a crew of fans to cook up a massive buffet laced with the cure and a tranquilizing concoction that Anton has cooked up.   The People of the city barricade the park, to defend against the now public shadow government. (Food cart barricades?)   The show of cooking prowess from Dartesi turns him feral, as he still holds so much hunger from the disease. He serves plates by the thousands, in a marathon of cooking that takes four hours. Hordes of the infected swarm the event, falling like lines as they chomp away on trays of food that knocks them out.   During the cooking, an armored tank belonging to shadow government loyalists breaks through the barricade and attempt to fire upon Dartesi. That thank is destroyed by an Angel of the Somnolent, who is deployed planetside to establish order and ensure Dartesi’s cure is handed out.   The fans, worried that Dartesi is lost to his ferality, find that the amount of cooking he did has restored him to his normal self.

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Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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