Dartesi's Diners

A series of restaurants owned by legendary chef, Dartesi.

Dartesi's Diners are the collective name of all the dining establishments owned and operated by Dartesian Sesir’ri Tel Ionel.
You ask if I just do Ethnis Eats all day? Of course not! I am a Helyk! I've changed so many worlds with my culinary prowess! My establishments hold more sway than a Hedon House!

Income and Fame

Dartesi's Diners provide Dartesi a good chunk of his wealth as well as spread his influence across the many hub systems. They are massive hits wherever they are established and always provide a unique experience native to the local culture. Many of the restaurants are established after a particularly successful episode of Ethnis Eats.   Purchasing of an establishment has even been streamed live after Dartesi grew particularly fond of a locale.


Dartesi has his hands in many other restaurants and chains throughout the known galaxy. Partial ownership, consultation, contracting are just some of the ways that Dartesi's influence has spread to countless venues.  
I've seen the fans making a "Dartesi Distance Index." Apparently the DDI is how far you have to look in a city to find a restaurant that Dartesi has influenced.
— Anton

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Notable Restaurants

The Puzzle at Aempis

A large locale located in the capital city of Aempis on Jhoutai. An escape room type adventure that spans the history of Jhoutai through cuisine.  

The Federation Experience

An entire experience located on Chatarra Gris. The menu evolves with the ever changing landscape of Federation planets.  

Amour et émotion

A dining establishment located on Desire's capital ship. The cuisine utilizes both flavor and drugs to enforce an emotion with each dish.

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