Cuidad Uno Mine Complex

The Cuidad Uno Mine Complex is the official title of the cave system and mine tunnels that sprawl around and beneath Cuidad Uno.

These lengthy tunnels are long abandoned and dangerous, with only a few urban vagrants or savvy individuals able to navigate the trecherous and unkempt depths.

I've had to go in the pit a few times, poisonous gas, stab-happy crazies, ankle-biters that'll make you shit your pants...

Not exactly a day spa.

Subterranean Maze

Cuidad Uno was built where it is not because of water or survivability, but because of cost. From space, diviners could sense the rifts of sandstone beneath the dunes. These caves were reported to Digger Co., as they could save precious time setting up mining tunnels and allow for swift prospecting.

The Cave Complex beneath the city is a primarily limestone formation, with massive ravines formed by ancient rivers and speleothem that travel thousands of feet below the sandy surface. The Cave system is still active, moisture still remains to facilitate cave formations, and if anyone has fully explored the natural systems the documentation has not remained known.

Deep Expansion

Digger Co. sent several Sighre and teams of Kajh Meta Miners to shape the caves into a mining platform. Ciudad Uno sprung up from the economic boom of the Mine Complex, valuable gems and metals flowing to the surface like water from a well.

The Mine Complex's massive centeral tunnels were carved from the malleable limestone, with spider-web shafts and passageways leading in every possible direction. It was an intrinsic operation that cored the earth of all its resources until nothing but rock and sediment remained.

Unstable Ground

Every now and then, a couple of desert walkers will be swallowed up by the dunes. Collapsed mine that'd be.
— Cuidad Uno Denizen

Eventually there was nothing left to mine, hundreds of miles of mineshafts were abandoned one by one as they came up dry. Fatalities were reported, from diseases and accidents alike.

Now the mines sit abandoned like the rest of Sig V. The centuries-old shafts buckle and collapse daily, making them even more perilous to explore.

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Complex Segements

Natural Caves

The natural caves of the Mine Complex comprise about one third of the accessible space. Much of the natural cave formations have been paved over by mining operations.


Mineshafts comprise two thirds of the Mine Complex, many of these shafts have since collapsed from lack of maintenance and erosion.


Some segments of the mines have been used to attempt to create terraformed habitats, these locations have had variable success but none lucrative enough to make the venture from Cuidad Uno worth it.

Common Threats

The Mine Complex is a perilous place, only the desperate dare explore its depths.
With crumpling shafts and dangerous natural formations, any footfall can be a splunkers last if they are not attentive.
The amount of mining done in the Complex has lead to many pockets of dangerous gases such as CO2 or Methane.
The Mine Complex is home to an ecology of organims varying in size, many of the life forms are dangerous.
In the more stable section of the mines, some operations legal or not have popped up, looking to survive outside Ciudad Uno.

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