The Alleyway Proselytizer

You Know True Sorrow

It had been a week. One week to reminiscence on my daughters death. I spent the first three days in my house, crying until I just couldn't squeeze a wail out of my swollen face. All of my walls sport gashing wounds from my rage, the only room left untouched is my daughters.   Her favorite playlist is still auto-playing in her room. I couldn't handle it anymore, I had to leave. I had to find a way to free myself from the grief; to inflict such malus onto her killers that the ripple of pain would cause Auric Scrubbers to declare an emergency.   I started my journey in an alley, I had an old pistol my grandpa gave me tucked into my waistband like a wanna-be gangster. My eyes looked like cherries in a glass of buttered milk.   I knew one of the little shitheads skulked around here. Much to my surprise when I felt a drip of moisture on my face. There was not a cloud in the sky. Dragging my finger across the kiss, I saw the thick crimson of blood. I peeked up for the source, and what little I have been able to eat nearly punched out of my stomach. The meal stayed put however, once my sick satisfaction kicked in.   It was one of the gangsters, strung up along the alleyway fire escapes like laundry left to dry. There was a scream forever chiseled in his contorted pudgy face. Perfect.   "You have felt such true sorrow." A husky voice called from the dark, the echos of the alleyway made it sound like the Wheel itself was calling to me. "For that, we accept you. And we will help you."   A face came from the fog, a human that looked like he held many stories underneath his gaunt face and rounded sunglasses. "You surely see how cruel your deities can be, to allow your only child to be so carelessly massacred. Join us, Kane. Only we in the Sorrows can help you get the revenge you require."   I felt another kiss of blood touch my forehead, like a twisted permission from the gods. The words came naturally, and I felt purpose once more.   "Where do I start."

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Chaotic Neutral
Aligned Organization

Avenging the Desperate

The Alleyway Proselytizer is a man who converts the downtrodden to the House of Sorrows on a Somnolent planet. He is secluded and hard to find, unless he wants to find someone.   His primary purpose is to help people find enlightenment with Sorrows, to turn them away from their false gods and to continue the spread of the Sorrows core philosophies.  

An Imposing Figure

The Proselytizer always wears a pair of round dark-tinted sunglasses. Only those he answers to know what those glasses hide. His voice is his most recognizable feature, hoarse and husky. It echos on the walls, with a disturbing power, lending an almost demonic presence.  


The Alleyway Proselytizer is wanted on the planet he serves, the primary Somnolent government despite their best efforts have not been able to apprehend him.

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