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Butter Millomi


The Fodder of the Nege

Butter Millomi are a livestock and culinary staple of lower class cuisine among many human and sazashi cultures. They are easy to maintain, quick to breed, simple to cook, and taste delicious.

Wherever immigrants from Sazashi-dominated cultures go, millomi follow. This association with a lower class has saddled millomi with an unearned reputation as plague vermin.

The reputation of Butter Millomi is really unfortunate, because it's totally false and it keeps people closeminded to other cultures and their delicious foods!


Millomi a native to the Khatoumay Toayoral Basin on Jhoutai, where local predators keet millomi clusters down to several hundred in a group, which is either called a banquet of millomi to the north and a blanket of Millomi to the south. In the south is where the native Khirmagne first made Gossamer Leather clothing from the ultrasoft skin of the millomi. To the north is where Sagr'rodijhal chefs learned the fastest way to prepare millomi: fry them alive.

"It's faster than a hammer," the chef said, upending the basket of millomi into the bubbling vat of fry oil. Each landed with a plume of steam and was lost to a roil of bubbles

"Every single part of them is so fragile as to be edible, and it means that they just die on impact, if not very shortly after. Brain's cooked instantly. Lots of people call it a barbaric practice, but they don't seem to recognize what goes into killing the meat, they eat. Now that's the stuf that will give you nightmares."

      Millowmice are small fuzzy vermin which live in Nege Cells. They swarm together for safety, and will often cling onto eachother's tails while bouncing on their back feet so that it is harder for them to be plucked from the horde.   Millowmice can swarm in hordes of tens of thousands, appearing to be a blanket covering all available surface. They exclusively eat vegetation, and pose a major threat to farmers within the Nege.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Millowmice have weak eyesight but powerful hearing. Their massive ears can pick up on higher sonic bands, allowing them to hear Crustarthroflect approaching so that they can mount an escape sooner.
Plurality Name
An Avalanche of Millowmice

Ethnis Eats

"Now, fried millomi are a classic of

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