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Amberge Spiderpod


Spiderpods are resourceful predators which weave intricate Rutasplastic traps to ensnare their prey. Despite their size, spiderpods avoid direct and instead ambush disadvantaged targets with careful, jabs with the mineralized claws at the end of each tarsus. Though they charge prey to flush them towards a trap, howling and flashing their photophores, they will typically break off and retreat before being entering strike range.

Native to the Kajh-Tai Region, Spiderpods can be found near to Amberge Coral, where they weave intricate traps out of biopolymers. They require mineral Boron, which they go to the surface to eat, and methane, which they consume from the Abyssal Zone. They are one of the few creatures to span surface to depths, and are territorial.

Geographic Distribution

Size2-5 M Breadth
Lifespan5-10 Years
Food ChainApex Consumer



Spiderpod eggs removed from the back of a spiderpod incubator, sterilized, and preserved.


A spiderpod incubates, carapace filling up with larvae.


A spiderpod with the top of its carapace eaten off and its body full of larvae.

Iron Spiders


In order to solve the painful challenge of navigating the Corralum—a journey which involves as much climbing as it does walking—Kajh organeers harvest Spiderpod nymphs, reinforce their limbs with mechanical struts, and build a cockpit into their bodies, often replacing many organs with mechanical alternatives or shoving them aside to make room for the cockpit. The cockpit itself has telescopic arms for mining, but motion is handled by the chemically zombified spiderpod, which handles all the fine kinematics of navigating the twisting corralums tunnels.

Cover image: Amberge Spiderpod by Ademal via Midjourney


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