Akjhe is the mental conditioning programmed into the Sazashi by the Verin Haimarchy back when they first created them. Akjhe serves as a Sazashi's overriding psychological drive, sometimes superseding even sexual or survival urges in extreme cases.   Akjhe has several mental states which it triggers. These states overlay their normal mental states, affecting them rather than replacing them.

States of Akjhe


In peaks and valleys, the Sazashi experience the urge to fulfill their akjhe. It comes and goes in waves, akin to hunger or sexual impulse and equally as distracting at its worst. Most try to sate their akjhe daily, to prevent the Yearning from worsening.


Whenever a Sazashi fulfills their akjhe they feel a rush of satisfaction ranging from content to energizing. For many Sazashi fulfilling their akjhe can be as stimulating as a good meal or sex.


If a Sazashi cannot fulfill their akjhe for a prolonged period of time their yearning may evolve into agitation. They may begin to demonstrate odd behaviors depending on the species of Sazashi. For example: Aen may pace and become fidgety, and will compulsively organize and clean; Ral-Mi may become defensive and cling to people around them; a Parisan may hole up somewhere or develop agoraphobic behaviors; etc.


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