Affectations of Grace

Affectations of Grace are the ethereal markers which appear around Monoliths, distinguishing them from their peers. Affectations take many forms, and correlate to the Monolith's identity.
  As Monoliths Ascend they gain ethereal markers of their power called Affectations. These Affectations can effect any one of an onlookers senses, though will rarely fool them entirely. The higher the rank of their ascension the more Affectations they gain and the more intense and complex their previous Affectations become.   The appearance of an Affectation seems to be directly related to a Monolith's core beliefs and philosophies; many adherents to The Church of The Somnolent manifest angelic Affectations such as halos, wings, a projected sense of awe, and voices which resonate with great power while Monoliths from The ValuSelu Pact may gain tusks, mouths which simmer with meta that flows like flame, and roars which roll like thunder.   Affectations rarely ever fool the senses—something about them will always register as illusory—but creatures of sub-Sophont level are fully convinced by them. Monoliths can willfully enable and disable them, but they return during passion or while casting.   Many affectations have a direct effect, and can be invoked by the Monolith for that effect.  
Though they stood no taller than any other, their presence placed them head-and-shoulders above the crowd. An ethereal presence clung to them, something holograms and glamours couldn't replicate on their best day.   Their glowing eyes scanned the clouds with a sort of removed, languid grace, seeing in a glance what I would miss in a study. I knew in an instant that I was in the presence of divinity.

Faction Common Affectations
Non-specific Glowing Eyes, Echoing Voice
The ValuSelu Pact Glowing Eyes, Glowing Claws, Ghostfire Mouth, Ethereal Tusks, Thunderous Voice, Spectral Fire, Ambient Chanting, Intimidating Presence.
The Jupiter Syndicate Glowing Eyes, Glowing Conduit Tattoos, Authoritative Presence, Calming Voice, Quiet Presence.
The Church of the Somnolent Glowing Eyes, Spectral Eyes, Orbs, Wings, Haloes, Angelic Voice, Ambient Song, Ethereal Glow, Glowing Runic Tattoos.
The Apple of Hedonism Glowing Eyes, Cherubim, Spectral Flowers, Ambient Laughter, Glowing Eyes, Orbs, Scent of Roses, Scent of Ash, Sensuous Presence, Halos.
The Free Planet Federation Glowing Eyes, Adventurous Presence.
The Verin Haimarchy Glowing Eyes, Glowing Horns, Spectral Horns, Glowing Blood, Ancient Presence, Musical Voice.
The House of Sorrows Morose Presence, Tiring Voice, Spectral Skeleton, Scent of Dirt, Black Eyes, Black Blood, Spectral Whispers

Cover image: Monolithic Transcendance by Ademal


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