November 2019 Dev Journal

Challenges, Speed-writing, and Modules! Oh my! It's been a busy September and October for us this month. We've been pushing out content, refining and defining Ethnis Lite and we continue preparing ourselves for the busy months to come.   Because of how busy we were, we're rolling together two months of dev updates in one!

Ethnis Lite Update

Ethnis Lite games continue to run. We have three games currently going, and more in the works! Each couple of days brings us closer to having Ethnis be polished and ready to go! We've been tackling our Trello list of things to do (Which you can see here.)   One of the big reworks that came recently was the development of a new, more intuitive, check system using the Fudge Dice. You can see it at work on the Ethnis Lite Discord Server! Ademal has also devised a system to help mechanize the complex workings of Ethnis Meta!   For the month of October and November, we will continue to knock out individual sections of Ethnis Lite, focusing on defining what makes Ethnis Lite unique, and how to leverage them as a GM. We will also be continuing to use the games in progress to refine what we have. It takes a village!

Module in the Works

Within the last month, we've decided to work together with Dimitris to create an all original Ethnis-based Module for Ethnis Lite! It's been an experience and we look forward to seeing Dimitris play it on stream in the coming months!  

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Monthly Roundup

New Stats
  • 47 new articles
  • 36078 new words
  • 134 new likes
  • 8 new comments
  • 17 new followers
  • Total Stats
  • 877 articles
  • 567687 words

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    Article Highlights

    We put down a lot of words for the month of September. While the primary focus was Ethnis Lite, both Ademal and Barron got some inspiration to put out a fantastic article a piece. Ademal took inspiration from the monthly community challenge, Premier Politicians, and created a Jupiter Syndicate Justiciar Errant along with all the information surrounding her story!   Barron got an inspiration to write about a young Kona Helmshigh and his encounter with the Queen of the Parisan and her shield. It sports a flash fiction and all the information pertaining to the most powerful shield in Valdutan's arsenal.   And with Inktober happening, we got a couple more gems both in art and writing!


    Summer Camp Prizes

    With the Summer Camp 2019 prizes finally complete! We got to send out some gifts to some fantastic world builders! We were proud to both sponsor and take part in Summer Camp!   Congratulations to the following folks who won prizes from us!  


    It's in full swing, and there is plenty to do! Ademal is working on his own secret piece while Barron is working hard to get back into Ethnis Eats!   We won't be participating on the NaNoWriMo website, but we will be using the energy of the month to hopefully get these projects knocked out!  

    World Ember Prep

    Taking part in WorldEmber has always been a tradition for us. This year we will indeed be taking part again! While we won't be pushing ourselves to win, we still are thinking about doing a stream like we did for Summercamp!

    The Discord Servers

    We are always talkative in the Ethnis Discord, it's the perfect place to ask questions or in the case of the Ethnis Lite server, see the game at work! Why not join us?


    Ethnis Lite


    What's Next?

    • August: Ethnis Lite Beta

      We have begun testing the Ethnis Lite prototype! Matthieu A. has started a game of Menicea, Barron has started a game of Ethnis, and Damion Otter is starting one this month!

    • September: Ethnis Lite Polishing

      As games develop we will continue to polish E.LITE content! New features, tweaks, and enhancements will be added regularly for at least a couple months as we get Ethnis Lite to a Beta state.

    • October:Core Cleanup and Lite Polishing

      Our goal is to get the core of Ethnis down to 100 articles, which means that by the end there will be around 700 articles visible only to Patrons. This number will only go up with time, so consider supporting us if you don't already!

    • November: NaNoWriMo

      While there will still be Ethnis Lite updates, we are placing much of our effort on a couple of novellas that we want to publish.

    More Art

    We are still focusing on closing out our Summer Camp sponsorship. Once we do that, we can start establishing our art budget once again!  


    We got some stories a-cookin'! Ethnis Eats and a new work by Ademal will soon be taking the stage with the help of NaNoWriMo!  


    We used a lot of Inktober to make pushes on Ethnis Lite! We had some great ideas, and have already pumped out some amazing work! Ademal has been taking on some art, while Barron has been practicing his speed-writing for flash fiction!  

    Abominable Labs Module

    This is a new venture for Dimitris! We are making a full Ethnis Lite one shot module! We already have most of it drafted so now we are focused on finishing it off and polishing what we have!  

    Other Updates

    We are currently logging ideas for the Tech/Sophont update, but with everything else on the list and more pressure coming on Ethnis Lite, this has taken a backseat!  


    Oh trust me... it's always on the list.

    See you in the next dev blog!

    Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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