Mar. 2019: Relentless Progress

A new business, Twitch affiliate, the Banners, new art, and the next step in the RPG

Ethnis Lite TTRPG Alpha is Live!

Ethnis Lite Alpha is now live! Join the Discord for more information!

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A Solid Foundation

This month has been one with much ado behind the scenes. Most of the recent World Anvil content is visible only to the recently opened Master backer level, but there's been a momentous amount of effort put towards the ongoing Banner Update as well.   Ethnis is associated with an official business now! This has enables us to talk to more artists and pursue stronger opportunities with Twitch and other platforms!

Twitch Affiliate

As we mentioned last month, we have Twitch Affiliate!

We delayed activating it until we had the business aspects sorted, but now we're all set! We will be putting together benefits for those with subscriptions, and are taking ideas!

Shoutout to Secondhand for being first to subscribe and give us bits!

A Call to W.A.R

Barron has been hard at work organizing World Anvil Radio and the challenges here onsite.

While this hasn't been direct Ethnis development, it has given him expertise with Twitch, so we will be applying his lessons to create more engaging and exciting Twitch streams!

Check out his interview with Anna Elizabeth Boyett on VOD here! Her world is amazing and she's a delight to talk to!

World Anvil Features and Content

New announcements

The block to the right practically speaks for itself, but Ademal has made a block and put it atop important articles for an easy announcement system. Watch it out for recent highlights within the codex!

Learn how to make blocks of your own here.

Ethnis Lite TTRPG Alpha is Live!

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Ethnis Lite Alpha is now live! Join the Discord for more information!

Ethnis RPG Content Is Arriving!!



For RPG Players   Reveal the mechanical underpinnings of Ethnis and get a firsthand look at the Ethnis RPG system as it is developed.

  • Access to the Discord backer channel
  • Read Extended Lore on World Anvil
  • Vote what Lore we develop next
  • Submit topics to the Lore Vote pool
  • Read RPG Content on World Anvil
  • Read Player Content on World Anvil


60-70 pages of GDocs have been ported to World Anvil including Plots, Sanity, Actions, and Stats. There's many more, but those are the highlights for now.

Next is to make them pretty, and to update mechanics according to feedback from the last year! There's still much to do, but the progress has been exciting!

We are still planning a Fudge-Based variant of Ethnis for simple roleplay, so Master+ can expect to see that and some roleplay channel support soon!

To the left is the breakdown of the bonuses of being a Master, and above is the sigil which represents it.

You can become an Adept or Master by Supporting us on Patreon!

The Banners Update

The Banners have been an albatross around our neck for a while, but we are rounding the bend on being done with writing and formatting them. The Pact and Somnacy have have a finalized Banner image for a while, but the Sorrows and Hedon are currently WIP.   If you check up above you'll see that we've started to acquire commissioned art! This particular piece is a preview to a fullbody reference of a member of the Verin Haimarchy, we want to do one for each Banner!  
Next, we are working on the House of Sorrows and the Verin Haimarchy Banners, as well as continuing to sort the WorldEmber content and cleaning up the RPG stuff!   Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!


Monthly Roundup

New Stats

  • 21 new articles
  • 16101 new words
  • 39 new likes
  • 2 new followers
  • Total Stats

  • 542 articles
  • 352927 words
  • Highlighted Content

      This month we have focused on bringing over the RPG Content and polishing the Banners. Ademal also entirely rehauled the Introduction To Ethnis to have a greater call to action. Give it a read!    
    Introduction To Ethnis
    Generic article | Oct 23, 2019

    Ethnis is a massive Science-Fantasy setting and a backdrop for stories woven in many mediums—including books and RPGs. This is a primer to the setting, the ongoing projects within it, and how read, play, or support it.

        And here is a preview of upcoming art of a Faeo Verin from the Haimarchy. If you are a member of the Discord you have seen the full!
    Antti Hakosaari Verin Faeo Bust
    Haimarchy Faeoverin Bust by Antti Hakosaari

    How you can help

    There's high costs associated with a project like Ethnis in terms of art, business fees, promotion, and production. It boils down to time and money, and we can always use help with both.

    Tell your friends about us and subscribe to us on Patreon, and we will put your efforts to good use!

    We are going to make Ethnis no matter what, but the love and resources given to us by our fans drives us and makes Ethnis a reality sooner.

    Support Ethnis
    Organization | Jul 19, 2019

    How you can help Ethnis grow! Share us with friends, give us feedback, and support us on social media and Patreon!


    Author's Notes

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